Get off-the-charts engagement

Your learning solution will only get results if your employees use it. An unprecedented 83% of Axonify users log in to train 2-3 times a week.

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Make learning irresistible

Built-in games, points, rewards and leaderboards keep your people coming back to train, again and again.

Fit it in the flow of work

Let employees access quality training content without pulling them away from the places they need to perform.

Put knowledge at their fingertips

Help your frontline people find job aids and resources in seconds with on-the-job performance support built right into their training solution.

See how to make your training more engaging

Axonify takes the boring out of learning

Make it focused and fast

Deliver highly relevant training through a fast, positive experience that quickly builds a daily habit. Training on Axonify only takes 3-5 minutes a shift. And with the freedom to serve it up on any device—including mobile phone, POS, tablet or desktop—your frontline employees can learn anywhere.

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“Our people love it. The business loves it. And, we’re delivering great customer experience as a result. We couldn’t ask for anything more.”

– Jasha Fletcher, Head of Learning Solutions Architecture, British Telecom (BT Consumer)
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Increase the fun factor of your learning

Axonify includes over 40 short, app-like games embedded right in the daily training experience. Learning content and questions pop up during gameplay. Employees earn points they can redeem for rewards, track their success on leaderboards and collect achievement badges—activities that motivate them to keep coming back to learn.

Help them find information in an instant

Crowd-source critical resources and job aids from your company’s subject matter experts and populate them in one place where employees can find what they need in seconds using the intelligent search. Adding and managing new content is easy with our built-in editor, approval workflows and versioning capabilities.

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Super-high engagement is just the beginning

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Let’s work together to give your frontline people a learning experience they love.