Measure training’s impact on your business

You can finally know—in real-time and at scale—how and where training is impacting your business beyond completion rates and test scores.

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Empower your leaders

Give your regional and frontline managers actionable insights that they can translate into meaningful coaching opportunities to support their teams.

Tie training to business goals

Know exactly which programs are influencing the metrics you care about, and which ones are missing the mark, so you can easily adjust them on the fly to drive results.

See how companies are tying training directly to KPIs

Axonify closes the loop on learning measurement

Uncover meaningful coaching opportunities

Your frontline managers have a lot to do, which means they may not get as much one-on-one time with their teams as they want to. With Axonify they can see a complete knowledge profile for every employee, so they know where to focus their coaching efforts.

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“We were able to finally see, down to the associate level, who was really understanding and demonstrating knowledge on the job.”

– Chad McIntosh, Vice President of Asset Protection and Risk Management, Bloomingdale’s
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Quickly spot your top performers

Completion rates can tell you who’s finished training, but not what actually sticks. Reporting in Axonify helps every frontline manager see the areas where their employees are most knowledgeable and confident, helping them spot top performers who are ready to mentor others.

Get real-time insights on the business impact of training

Set individual-, team- or company-level business targets, tag the training programs that correspond to them and Axonify will tell you what’s working. Dashboards give you detailed insights on how training is influencing business targets like basket size, CSAT, shrink or call resolution times.


Meaningful measurement is just the beginning

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Let’s finally measure how training impacts the business results you care about.