Connect Axonify to the tools you rely on

Easily bring together all of the tools you need to deliver a streamlined learning experience for your frontline—and your admins. Use our out-of-the-box integrations or get creative with our open APIs. Whatever you choose to do, one thing’s for sure: we’re better together.

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Bring tools together with our out-of-the-box integrations

Get even more out of the tools your team already uses with our pre-built connectors. Your frontline gets easy access to the training they need to perform their best. You get to keep all of your learning tools in one place.

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Enable single sign on with LMS platforms like SuccessFactors, so employees only have one account to access the tools they need. Automatically trigger reinforcement training so the things covered in onboarding and compliance training actually stick.

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Integrate your daily training experience right into workforce management tools like UKG DimensionsTM. Your employees get easy access to the training they need to perform their best. You get to keep it all in one place.

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Give employees access to daily training and communications they need to perform on the Zebra devices that they use every day. Make it easy for them to complete fun, fast, personalized training right in the flow of work—without leaving the places where they perform.

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Pull in content from existing libraries so it’s in one, easy-to-access location for your frontline and your admins. Reduce administrative overhead with quick and easy access to OpenSesame’s extensive course library.

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Reward and recognize your employee’s training accomplishments by giving them a marketplace full of reward options. Achievers makes it easy to fulfill rewards that your frontline has earned through Axonify.

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Here’s a glimpse of what’s possible

  • Sync compliance certifications and onboarding completion rates
  • Share participation data, training frequency and knowledge data
  • Automatically trigger reinforcement training around completed content to ensure it sticks
  • Link to external learning libraries in daily training experience
  • Enable single sign on so users only to access the tools they use on the job

We can’t wait to see what your
organization can achieve.