Train your frontline right on their Zebra devices

Grow frontline knowledge and drive amazing performance, right in the flow of work, on the devices they use every shift.

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Make it easy for your frontline people to do more on their Zebra devices

Axonify takes a modern approach to frontline training and communications.

  • It uses AI to intelligently generate questions that a learner struggles with, reinforcing the things they’re most likely to forget.
  • It lets you push out important messages to your entire frontline in real time. 
  • It gives them quick access to jobs aids and resources they need to do their best work.

The Result?


They quickly build, retain and apply the knowledge needed to help you stay compliant and accident free, achieve operational excellence, and deliver standout customer experiences.

Axonify is available via download from the Google Play Store.


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In the flow of work learning is just the beginning

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