Axonify + Zebra:
Maximize your frontline

Frontline learning that’s accessible during every shift, on the devices your teams already use.

Axonify displayed on a Zebra mobile device

Axonify and Zebra together allow you to:

  • Make learning easy for your entire frontline by having Axonify available on the devices they use every shift
  • Drive higher usage of your Zebra devices with Axonify’s industry-leading 83% user engagement rate
  • Offer a seamless employee experience by providing training alongside the rest of your frontline tech stack


Make learning accessible

You already use Zebra as a single access point for your frontline tech stack. Now, you can deliver engaging daily training with a fun, gamified experience that’s loved by workforces worldwide.

Gamefied experience on Axonify
Screenshot of an announcement in Axonify

Easily deploy to every Zebra device

Imagine if you could reach your entire frontline, no matter the size. With Axonify and Zebra, scale is no longer an obstacle and deployment to thousands of Zebra devices is instant and trackable.

More learning = more adoption

Axonify users log in daily to do their training. This habit of learning means that they’ll be reaching for their Zebra devices—often—and have the opportunity to see and use other priority apps, helping to complete the frontline digital experience through a single device.

Axonify onboarding displayed on a Zebra device
Two frontline employees holding mobile devices

Coming soon!

Axonity + Zebra Task Management

Axonify and Zebra Task Management are integrating to bring Zebra’s real-time productivity apps and Axonify’s daily training experience together. Axonify will soon sit alongside Zebra’s Task, Communications and Workforce Management Solutions, creating a cohesive ecosystem for frontline employees.

Learn, connect and get things done with Axonify + Zebra