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Axonify launches Recognition Pins 

Posted on: May 20, 2024By: Karishma Varma

Two of the biggest challenges facing frontline organizations are consistency and engagement: getting your people to do the right thing at the right time every time because they’re invested and engaged in creating a culture of success. To help address these long-standing issues, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Recognition Pins in the Axonify platform.

As we’ve already established, the behaviors that are recognized are the ones that get repeated. Layering recognition into an existing learning and enablement solution promotes productivity, boosts employee retention and drives employee engagement, all of which are critical to the success and long-term growth of your organization. 

What are Axonify’s Recognition Pins? 

While traditional digital recognition tools are typically built for corporate employees and often involve costly reward fulfillment, Axonify’s Recognition Pins are designed to be used in the flow of frontline work, fostering a culture of appreciation and encouragement. 

Recognition Pins

With Axonify’s Recognition Pins, organizations build a scalable recognition system that builds on frequent acknowledgment and celebrations. Here’s how it works: 

  • Give and receive pins  to acknowledge a job well done and celebrate milestones
  • A structured framework simplifies recognition and makes it easy for team members to actually use it
  • Users can convert points earned and take home in-demand items through Axonify’s existing points and rewards system
  • Reinforce core values and company mission by connecting  specific pins  to strengthen your internal culture
  • Build community within one seamless platform, right in the flow of work 

What Axonify Recognition Pins look like in action 

Let’s look at this example between a retail associate, Sasha, and a store manager, Alex: 

Alex sees Sasha demonstrating excellent customer service. He doesn’t want to interrupt her or pull her off the floor to celebrate her performance, so instead of losing the moment or forgetting it, he uses Axonify to recognize her. 

Alex opens Axonify on his mobile device and goes straight to the recognition feature where he can choose from a set of  pins that reflect the organization’s values and goals. Alex selects Sasha and adds a personal message.

Sasha instantly gets a notification on her mobile device and is excited when she sees that her leader has  taken the time to acknowledge her good work. Sasha now has a single source  to easily see all of the times she’s been recognized and feels proud of her accomplishments. (This can also be useful for managers when conducting a performance review). 

Sasha’s recognition points are added to her existing reserve in Axonify and she watches as her name rises on the leaderboard. She redeems the points for tangible rewards. Finally, Sasha is inspired to recognize a peer for their amazing contributions. 

Axonify’s Employee Engagement Solution

These Recognition Pins are part of Axonify’s Frontline Employee Engagement Solution, designed to address the critical challenges today’s organizations face with engaging and retaining frontline talent. This new offering represents a significant advancement in the realm of HR technology, providing a fresh approach to employee engagement that’s focused on helping workers feel competent, confident and comfortable at work so they can be successful.

Karishma Varma

Karishma Varma is a Product Marketing Manager at Axonify.

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