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Celebrating Royal Week with Princess Auto

Posted on: April 24, 2024By: Damian Chin

Royal Week is a particularly exciting time at Princess Auto, the Canadian-owned tool and equipment retailer with over 55 stores coast-to-coast, a National Call Center and an ecommerce experience. 

In March, retail leaders from across the country gathered at the Winnipeg, Manitoba Home Office to get a state of the business—and the initiatives being put into place to support the growth and development of its teams and the organization as a whole. Attendees heard from CEO Ken Larson, as well as Heather Turnbull-Smith, Senior VP of Talent & Corporate Communications, and Shawn Barrit, VP of L&D.

Axonify Team At Princess Auto With Heather Turnbull Smith And Heather Turnbull Smith
Damian Chin, Shawn Barrit, Hannah Lindsey and Heather Turnbull-Smith

This year, Princess Auto invited Axonify to attend the event. Hannah Lindsey, Principal Solutions Consultant, and I were thrilled to help raise awareness and excitement around the adoption of the Axonify learning solution. After a complete tour of the Princess Auto Home Office (we loved the history wall in the lobby!), we showcased Axonify onstage and in hands-on breakout sessions with iPads and Zebra devices. 

Princess Auto Hq
Princess Auto Home Office

During the sessions, we fielded plenty of questions about—you guessed it!—AI. We talked a lot about how our AI-driven tools and algorithms work and how topics are prioritized for users based on their knowledge. 

Damian On Stage At Princess Auto

Store leaders especially loved that they’ll be able to see how their teams are doing since they put a lot of effort into product knowledge, especially during seasonal changeovers. Our tool will help them get the right information at the right time. They want to find new ways to get team members educated on certain products and confident in their customer conversations so they can deliver the brand’s unrivaled experience backed by the Royal Service Promise: “No sale is final until you’re satisfied.” 

Hands On Breakout Session At Princess Auto

We shared how Axonify enables personalized training based on what individuals need to know and then tests user confidence in that knowledge. Plus, we showcased Discover, our resource hub, where team members can quickly refer to and find articles, job aids, videos and more. And let me tell you: the response was incredible. Store managers and leaders loved the games, the ease of use and especially the personalization. One said, “Games are a lot of fun! Love that it’s embedded into the learning experience,” while another said,  “I’m excited to see content related to their jobs.” 

We’re so excited to continue to support Princess Auto in their quest to support and enable their team members. Here’s to many Royal Weeks to come!  

Damian Chin

Damian Chin is a Customer Success Manager at Axonify.

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