The secret to reducing labor spend while optimizing performance? Onboarding

You want to get new staff on the floor as quickly as possible, but you need them trained and ready to perform. Taking shortcuts around onboarding is tempting—but instead of reducing labor spend, it can end up increasing costs related to turnover, safety and inefficiency. The alternative: onboard new associates faster and more effectively. In this session, our speakers will share success stories from retailers who have crafted ingenious onboarding strategies to drive retention, performance and cost savings.


Christine Tutssel, Co-Founder, Axonify

Christine Tutssel, Co-founder, Axonify

As the Co-Founder and former CRO of Axonify, Christine has managed the company’s global sales organization and partner network. With Christine’s go-to-market leadership, Axonify has grown to become the worldwide microlearning market leader with customers in 95 countries, including Walmart, Bloomingdale’s, BT, Johnson and Johnson and Merck.

Jennifer Baker, Director of Learning and Development at Foot Locker.

Jennifer Baker, Director of Learning & Development, Foot Locker

Jennifer Baker serves as the Director of Learning & Development at Foot Locker, Inc., where she orchestrates learning strategies for both Store and Non-store divisions. Responsible for guiding the instructional design process and overseeing the training of over 30,000 employees throughout North America, she specializes in fostering team synergy to optimize operations and streamline workflows.