What are the keys to a positive onboarding experience?

The traditional, accelerated onboarding timeline firehoses information at new hires, checks a box that onboarding is complete and throws them into the operation expecting that they’re ready and capable to perform on the job.

The abrupt stopping point of formal onboarding followed by an immediate transition to the operation and expectation that new hires are set up to perform on the job leaves them frustrated, guessing and unsure. The result?  The Red Zone—the first 45 days where 22% of turnover occurs, costing organizations millions every year.

With continuous support and readily accessible information, new employees never enter the Red Zone. By continuing to boost knowledge over time, Axonify ensures employees are capable and ready to flourish in their new role and beyond.


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A better way to onboard

Give your new employees everything they need in their heads and at their fingertips to perform the way you need them to.

Onboard faster
Onboard faster

Guide employee progression through onboarding and personalize the learning experience to quickly fill knowledge gaps.

Continuous reinforcement
Improve performance

Let them apply what they’ve learned with on-the-job practice, and then continuously reinforce it over time.

Reduce risk
Reduce risk

Say goodbye to high turnover and on-the-job errors with performance support and targeted coaching.

Include everyone
Include everyone

Give every employee in your organization a consistent onboarding experience.

Screenshot of Axonify Guided Learning

Prioritize the essential onboarding content

Focus on the critical training topics during onboarding, guide employees through a visual learning path and provide easy access to job aids and resources.

Adapt learning to continuously fill knowledge gaps

Personalize the learning experience for each new hire, and continuously close knowledge gaps over time to keep them at peak performance.

Screenshot showing personalization within the Axonify Microlearning Platform
Tie hands-on practice to the learning experience

Bridge formal and on-the-job learning

Connect hands-on practice to the learning workflow to help new hires remember what they’ve learned, and empower frontline managers to observe and correct behaviors over time.


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