A smarter way to onboard

Avoid the red zone

The traditional, accelerated onboarding timeline firehoses information at new hires, checks a box that onboarding is complete and throws them into the operation expecting that they’re ready and capable to perform on the job.

The abrupt stopping point of formal onboarding followed by an immediate transition to the operation and expectation that new hires are set up to perform on the job leaves them frustrated, guessing and unsure. The result? The Red Zone—the first 45 days where 22% of turnover occurs, costing organizations millions every year.

Make onboarding continuous

With continuous support and readily accessible information, new employees never enter the Red Zone. By continuing to boost knowledge over time, Axonify ensures employees are capable and ready to flourish in their new role and beyond.

The Axonified onboarding timeline eliminates "The Red Zone"

The learning and support never stop

It’s true—our approach to onboarding gets your frontline off to a really positive start. But the reason Axonify is so good at driving meaningful engagement and behavior change is because it continues to provide each employee with personalized learning and reinforcement.

Screenshot of Axonify Guided Learning

Get them to productivity faster

Axonify condenses the “formal” onboarding period by focusing only on the critical training topics employees need to start performing. That’s because, unlike traditional onboarding with a hard stop date, our adaptive AI creates a continuous learning experience that lasts for as long as the employee stays with you.

Keep supporting top performance

Axonify continues to build employee knowledge and performance over time—right in the flow of work—reinforcing what they’ve already learned, adding new topics and communicating important information in real time.

Axonify supports growth over time
Personalized and fun, Axonify keeps employees coming back

Make them feel the love

Guide each employee through a learning path that’s fun, personalized and built just for them. This keeps them feeling more engaged and happy—so they’re more likely to stick around longer.

ROI calculator

How much could smarter onboarding save you?

Check out our handy onboarding calculator to see just how much your organization could save by implementing continuous onboarding.

“I wish I could bottle it up. Because when I speak to the new advisors now, compared to previously, I would say they're much more knowledgeable. They're much more confident when talking about the products and services BT provides.”

Transition Center Manager for BT Consumer

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