Employee enablement platform, the digital workplace for your workforce

Axonify is the intelligent productivity suite that enables behaviour changes in your shift workers and managers through real-time communication, continuous training and task execution.

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Mobile-first employee enablement platform. Trusted by global enterprises to help execute local strategies with their large customer facing teams whatever shift they work.

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Axonify is the solution that works for your business

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Imagine a world without emails. That’s what happens often on the ground at stores, warehouses, cafes and shift related work. Provide a means for two-way internal communication between your staff and the people in your HQ with Axonify. Real-time feedback that can make a massive change to your customers’ experiences.

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Continuous training

Reduce your cost and time off the floor with mobile on the job training that you know works. People can only take so much information into their brains, so give your workforce Axonify’s bite size 3-5 minutes of training every shift to keep them engaged and doing the right things.

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Task execution

Getting the job done is never easy. It’s even more difficult with a large workforce. Axonify streamlines and optimises this process by creating task workflows that provides faster execution. HQ also gets better oversight of the business through the real-time reporting.

Digital tools built for the shift worker

The same-old approaches to email communications and LMS software just don’t meet the
needs of today’s employees on ground. Here’s how Axonify’s solution is different.

People love the experience

Get off-the-charts training engagement—a whopping 83% of users log in to train 2-3 times a week. See why

It gets them doing the right things

Make sure employee knowledge and behaviours keep pace with your business goals. Learn how

You can clearly see what’s working

Know for sure which comms and training are getting the results you need. Learn more

“I can’t tell you how much Axonify has helped our executive team reach our workforce during this pandemic.”

“Axonify is a great product with so much promise. They have spent so much time to flesh out the data collection side.”
– Ryan M


“The support from the Axonify team has been exceptional. They’re approachable and able to provide lots of good information.”
– Sarah W

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150+ Countries
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What is an employee enablement platform?

An employee enablement platform is a software application that helps organisations connect with their employees and promote employee engagement. The platform may include features such as training, employee communications, and employee feedback. The purpose of an employee engagement platform is to help organisations foster a sense of community and connection among their employees.

Employee engagement focuses on improving communication between employees and managers, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility among employees, and increasing employee engagement. Engaged employees are more likely to be productive, creative, and innovative.

And with Axonify, you can reap the benefits, such as the following employee productivity, employee satisfaction and employee retention.

Why Axonify can boost your employee performance?

At Axonify, we have a simple goal to help you give your employees and managers the support and tools they need to succeed every day, no matter what shift they work. With our cloud-based app for two-way communications, continuous training, and task execution, your employees will be engaged in your workplace culture and prepared to handle whatever comes their way.

And because the experience is fun, fast, personalised, and designed to make critical information stick, they will actually enjoy using it. In fact, 83% of users log in 2-3 times a week, which translates into meaningful behaviour change that drives business results.

Let’s work together to build the digital workplace your teams need.