How workforces learn, connect and get things done

Meet the enablement solution that’s science-backed and proven to maximise the potential of workforces.

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Proven workforce enablement



Drive knowledge retention and close skill gaps with spaced repetition training and AI-driven reinforcement.


Embedded two-way communication and feedback ensure your staff is engaged, informed and connected to HQ, at any scale.


Guided task management shows employees exactly how to put their training to use, every single day.

Purpose-built for people on the ground

In the flow of work

Learning, communication and task management designed to support workflows.

AI-powered brain science

Intelligent reinforcement builds behaviours that empower your workforce—and your bottom line.

Real-time insights

A steady flow of insights to make data-driven decisions about your people and the outcomes they deliver.

Industry-leading engagement

What good is a tool your staff won’t use? 83% of users log in to Axonify two to three times a week.

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“The person on the shop floor is the person that is actually delivering on your brand promise. That’s where you get your competitive advantage.”
– Carol Henry, Director of HR, Longo’s
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See how Axonify helps workforces learn, connect and get things done.