How telecom learns, connects and gets things done

When your frontline has what they need, they can deliver the stand-out experiences that yield loyal customers and top-line growth.

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What Axonify delivers for telecom providers


Send out key messages to staff, use video for extra impact, advise staff of changing trends, industry news and business insights. Make sure all your people are updated and informed so customers get a consistent message. Via our mobile app, checking company news and giving feedback on the ground can become as normal for users as interacting with their favourite social media platforms. Keep your teams connected and deliver the info that keeps your people in the know.

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Changing industry trends, evolving customer demands, geographical spread, regulations and seasonal staff fluctuations – so many factors make the telecom industry a challenging environment. Why wait months to deliver training that you need staff to receive today? From inducting new staff to providing refresher training, we develop skills in a way that’s fun, bite size so its easy to remember and best helps your staff serve your customers.

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Keep your telecom workforce focused on what needs to get done in your retail stores, customer service centres and on the field to drive operational execution at scale. Get oversight at what may be a risk with our task management solution that streamlines processes, improves quality, and ensures staff consistently executes on your brand promise. All of this while reducing the strain on your managers to conduct task oriented pre shift huddles.

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Contact center onboarding path

Get telecom staff up to speed, quickly

Technology in telecoms is always evolving quickly and so its crucial staff can keep up. Whether they are new to the industry or veterans, you need your people to be armed with the information they need to satisfy customers. Minimise the time it takes for staff to get up to speed and ensure existing team members stay up to date with our tailored training programmes.

decrease24% in training time
improvement5% in CSAT
decrease10% in repeat customer calls
improvement2.7% in connection rate

Learn how BT onboarded thousands of new agents in record time

Keep the workflow flowing as you send out new knowledge

Your teams are always busy meeting customer needs. You don’t want to disrupt that flow by throwing crushing quantities of training at them. Use Axonify to feed them knowledge in manageable chunks. Just a few minutes of engagement a shift can be enough to give the information needed to perform without interrupting daily operations.

“The area managers that really adopted the platform outperformed every other area in the mystery shop as well as other KPIs. Once that started to happen, all our leaders were completely bought in and on board.”

Real-time two-way communication within your single digital workplace

The traditional email and learning management system doesn’t meet the realities of the telecom workforce. Things change constantly—and to deliver an amazing customer experience, your people need to be up to date and have the ability to give feedback to HQ. Axonify makes it easy to release timely, consistent information to employees while also surveying staff on the ground, in the platform that they already use for training, task execution and more. Make sure all these parts are working together to give your business a total solution to digitally transform your telecom workforce.

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Lou Tedrick & Senchal Murphy

Find out how leaders at Verizon and The Kroger Co. are empowering stellar workforce performance in the face of business disruptions.

With Lou Tedrick, VP of Learning and Development at Verizon and Senchal Murphy, Senior Director of Training & Onboarding, at The Kroger Co.

Don’t be disrupted by disruptive change

Telecoms is known as an industry where monumental changes can arrive suddenly, opening up the potential for confusion and even panic. Head these situations off by working them into your daily updates and communication strategy and ensure re-skilling training within your workforce. Progress and performance tracking allow you to look ahead and ensure change is exciting without being disorienting.

You’re in good company

Telecom companies around the world build high-performing workforce with our comm and training solution built to fit perfectly with the unique way they work.

Unburden your telecom managers with better insight that helps them and HQ reporting

Connect your training data to the KPIs you care about—from AHT to CSAT to FCR—so you can see which training program is driving the biggest results and focus your fine-tuning where it’ll make an impact.

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