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It starts with Axonify’s Content Marketplace—the largest library of workforce-focused microlearning content. Did we mention it’s always included?

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Content matters. It’s the fuel that translates into workforce “know-how” and that means bottom-line impact whether that’s driving a learning or operations metric (like improving transaction size) by enabling your employees. The right content is critical to workforce performance; why not include it with the LMS? So we did! With the Axonify solution, you’ll get immediate access to the complete Axonify Content Marketplace—home to over 800+ microlearning topics—all starting from day 1!

Axonify’s microlearning content gets real, measurable results

Your content creators—and finance department—will thank you. Here’s why:

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It engages

Micro-formatted content, including powerful videos get your workforce engaged

It fits

Makes sense for  your workforce’s workflow with minutes-a-day training (don’t worry, we support the long stuff too!)

It’s gamified

Infused with over 16 game mechanics to bring them back every shift

It’s ALL customisable

In minutes, directly inside Axonify

…And it just works.

Microlearning content crafted with two things in mind—workforce adoption and business impact. We’ve cracked the code and now you can expect tangible results to your learning programs and business through the power of Axonify microlearning content.

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reduction in onboarding time

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average savings per video when customers use Axonify Content Marketplace & Studio

Workforce topics covered across a variety of industries

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From banana handling to safety compliance and everything in between, we have it. Hundreds of organisations across retail, grocery, banking, hospitality, healthcare and beyond depend on Axonify’s vast libraries of industry-specific microlearning content. Why? They can ditch other content subscriptions, free up time for learning teams and most importantly—drive measurable behaviour change and business impact. It’s why both learning teams and operational leaders love Axonify.

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Introducing Axonify Content Studio

Build, edit or completely reimagine content with AI-powered video editing. The power to instantly customise hundreds of Content Marketplace videos. Switch up the color of any character’s shirt or add your company logo to a video to reflect your brand with just a click. Once your visual edits are ready, we utilise AI to add a voiceover that can be translated into 60+ languages. It’s the ultimate tool to help make your content creator’s lives easier and impact your workforce, faster.

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Ever wish you had an assistant to help you build content faster? Wish granted.

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Feed Axonify’s AI-powered Content Assistant with documents, resources and even PDF files—think long SOPs—and it will instantly generate key learning points, questions and answers for testing and reinforcement training in seconds. Then simply edit and presto—you’re on your way.

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Need custom content?

No problem—our in-house development team has your microlearning content needs covered. Our Content Marketplace is the largest library of its kind. But every organisation has requirements to build content that’s unique—like teaching your workforce about your brand. With Axonify, you can build it yourself or let our team of microlearning content developers build it to your specs. Become an Axonify customer and we’ll even build a bunch of custom microlearning courses to help you hit the ground running.


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