How restaurant staff learn, connect and get things done

Make your mark by providing a high-quality, fun and safe dining experience that’s consistent across all locations and staff members.

What Axonify delivers for hospitality providers


Keep your hospitality workforce in the loop with regular text and video messaging that keeps them updated with company and industry news. Ensure people on the ground can give feedback to your HQ with surveys and comments. Axonify levels up staff awareness, so your guest get a consistent brand experience at all your locations. Our mobile app makes two-way communication easy and intuitive.

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With so many competing demands on hospitality staff attention, it’s not always easy to ensure training is taking hold like you need it to be. Add into the mix varying shifts, seasonal staff changes and multiple sites, training is a real challenge. You can’t afford to be waiting months to slot in training when you need to upgrade skills today. From inducting new staff to providing re-skilling and cross-skilling, we develop your people in a way that’s fun and best helps your staff keep customers happy and coming back.

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Keep your hospitality staff focused on what needs to get done in your locations wherever they may be to drive operational execution at scale. Get oversight at what may be a risk with our task management solution that streamlines processes, improves quality, and ensures staff consistently executes on your brand promise. All of this while reducing the strain on local managers to conduct task oriented pre shift huddles.

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Don’t linger in training up new hospitality staff

Hospitality is known for taking on temporary staff, even if many of these people end up staying in the long-term. Busy dining, kitchens, entertainment and serving areas demand flexibility from staff and the more tasks a person can perform, the better it is for your operations. Don’t waste time waiting for staff to acquire skills slowly when you can boost knowledge uptake with our tailored training solutions.

Don’t compromise compliance for performance

If things go wrong for a hospitality provider news travels fast, having a potentially disastrous effect on custom. Being sure staff take on board compliance requirements is just as important as any other area of their training. The challenge is delivering this training in a continuous and reinforcing fashion. Our intelligent solution ensures this vital knowledge is programmed into general training and no one falls through the gaps.

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“Axonify provides me proof to confirm the knowledge and skillset of my people, which helps me help everyone else—and the business.”

Make messaging consistent and universal

Someone busy in a hot kitchen is not necessarily going to go to the back room to read the latest staff newsletter. Delivering news to Axonify’s mobile app that can be browsed during breaks and in a more natural way is going to get better results. Use the system dashboard to be sure messaging is working and give nudges when needed to make sure all your staff are reading from the same page. Getting info to all the team at the same time can encourage conversation about company news and give team cohesion an extra lift. Plus, your staff can also communicate back in comments and feedback on surveys to give you insights from the ground.

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“Axonify allows the flexibility and agility to really speak to the individual and personalise their learning.”

Continually reinforce food industry training and more

In the hospitality industry, ever-evolving menu items, operations, compliance policies and delivery/pickup logistical requirements can overwhelm and frustrate your workers—which leads to mistakes. An upgraded hospitality LMS makes it easier for them to confidently do the things that matter most to your business by personalising their training to focus on the things they’re most likely to forget.

Launch your digital workplace for comms and training with confidence

We’re in this together. From implementation of comms and training programs to ongoing support, we’ll share our hospitality expertise to help you build a digitally transformative workforce program that delivers the results you care about.

Help your staff consistently create
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