Hospitality success starts with workforce success

Give your hospitality workers the right message at the right time with a solution purpose-built for them.

Axonify: proven to help hospitality workers learn, connect and get things done. Every single day.

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How hospitality gets things done

You’re looking to deliver next-level guest experience, prioritise operational consistency and reinforce safety and compliance regulations—and Axonify can support every step of the way. Axonify is the top enablement solution for workforces. It’s science-backed and proven to maximize labour productivity.

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All-in-one associate enablement


It starts with learning; we use a decade of science-backed research and AI to drive knowledge retention through bite-sized microlearning and daily intelligent reinforcement.

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Embedded two-way communication and feedback ensure your workers are engaged, informed and connected to HQ, no matter the scale of your organisation.

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Operational support, like task management and behavioural audits, ensure employees know exactly how to put their training to use, every single day.

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Trusted by millions of workers worldwide

See how leading organisations use Axonify to drive exceptional guest experiences, employee retention and much (much!) more.

Deliver a best-in-class guest experience

With personalised microlearning paths, science-backed reinforcement and behavioral evaluations, your SOPs and standards of service will be consistently enforced. And with gamification and rewards driving engagement, your people will go above and beyond to deliver next-level service.

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Build an agile, versatile workforce ready for evolving demands

Promote workforce versatility through cross-training, upskilling and task diversification. Self-directed training and development helps your people learn new capabilities so they’re ready to step into new roles or support across multiple functions as needed.

Minimize security risks, legal liabilities and bad publicity

In hospitality, compliance regulations can be complex—and critical. But annual courses aren’t enough to avoid a crucial mistake. Instead, serve up compliance training on the platform your people are using every day, and reinforce it with audits and verifications that scale to any workforce size.

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Make data-driven decisions to maximise labour productivity and performance

With a powerful, employee-centric dataset, you can make the decisions that prioritize agility, efficiency and productivity. With Axonify, you have access to leading indicators for performance: uncover knowledge gaps, get visibility into execution and operations and gather employee feedback and sentiment, no matter the scale of your organisation.

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