How advisors learn, train and build the behaviours to get things done

When your advisors know their stuff, they can deliver outstanding customer service at every touchpoint. Learn how leading financial institutions use Axonify to deliver the right training to help their people confidently perform every day —and get ready for whatever comes next.

Prepare your workforce for what lies ahead

In the rapidly-evolving financial services sector, agility is everything. That’s why leading financial institutions use Axonify to enable their teams with training, reinforcement and skills training they need to address everything from evolving customer needs to changing compliance regulations.

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You’re in good company

Leading F&I firms use Axonify to onboard faster, close skill gaps and deliver meaningful customer experiences — and their results speak for themself.

Train quickly in the flow of work

Advisors are busy. They don’t have time for training that pulls them away from the places they need to perform. So we need to fit microlearning into the workflow with short, bite-sized sessions that only take a few minutes a day. Adaptive learning personalises each advisor’s experience so that every day they’re served up the most critical information they need to perform.

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Reinforce the right information

It’s not enough to train your people — you need the information to stick. After all, having the confidence and knowledge to deliver a meaningful customer experience is more critical than ever. Axonify uses decades of scientific research and gamification to drive industry-leading knowledge retention and confidence rates.

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Embed compliance into the daily training flow

Once-a-year compliance training might not be enough to keep your employees from making mistakes that can cost your organisation big. Use Axonify to serve up and reinforce compliance training within your advisors’ daily microtraining. The algorithm automatically makes completion a priority, so you can rest easy knowing your advisors are getting the crucial compliance training they need.

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Measure the impact of your training programs

It’s critical that your programs drive results. With Axonify, you can easily understand how training programs are influencing your KPIs and focus your fine-tuning where it’s needed most. Use performance data to identify meaningful coaching opportunities and serve up targeted refresher training — so every advisor is empowered and enabled to impress.

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