Mobile learning solution

Train your frontline more efficiently

Deliver modern training for every job in the flow of work that your employees will love and your managers will appreciate. No more classroom sessions, binders or lengthy training courses on a desktop in the backroom. Just targeted mobile learning solutions that get staff doing the right things from the start, so you can get the training content out without costing the business productivity and staff shortages in customer-facing environments.

Screenshot of adaptive learning paths in Axonify

Move training from classrooms to their mobile devices

Make it easy for your employees to access bite-sized mobile courses on the devices they already use every day, so they can get the content they need to perform without leaving the floor.

Keep your workforce in the know

Open up the lines of communication with consistent messages sent directly to your staff through a mobile learning platform—regardless of where they are. And get messages back to uncover the insights you need to optimise your operations.

Solve problems quickly

Help your employees answer questions in a few clicks with a searchable mobile on-demand library they can access on the devices in their pockets and reap the rewards of a robust mobile communications and learning program.

A leading fashion retailer sees 96% mobile usage

“That’s where they want to consume it. It’s how they’re interacting and so it’s allowing us to really reach our associates in a way that’s most convenient to them and effectively put that communication right in the palm of their hands.”


Put safe, simple training in their hands

Meet your workforce where they are

Give your staff access to a mobile LMS and communication digital workspace on the devices they use every day—like a POS system, handheld devices (like Zebra), break room tablet or their own smartphones. There is no need to leave the floor for lengthy classroom training sessions or team meetings that only people on the clock can go to. With mobile app access in the workplace they’ll have everything they need to stay safe, successful and productive and informed when working with customers at their fingertips.

Deliver personalised training from a mobile learning app

Your workforce is busy. So we make it easy for them to complete fun, fast, personalised training materials in just a few minutes each day directly within the mobile LMS that’s accessible on virtually any device. Plus, the mobile app experience is completely tailored to their individual needs, so they stay focused on the things they need to know based on their training history, behaviour observation results and more.

Share timely, consistent messages

Keep your people in the loop on news, and changes in procedures or promotions in real-time—no more broken telephone or relying on bulletin boards and managers to share new information from emails. With Axonify’s mobile app, you can instantly push out messages from HQ directly to your workforce on the devices they use every day.

A mobile communication and learning management system that delivers the resources employees need to perform

Mobile-friendly digital workplace for comms, training and task execution makes it easy for your employees to solve problems quickly and consistently with answers to common questions, on-demand articles, training content, employee surveys and other resources at their fingertips. Help them connect with their peers from their mobile phones or company devices—in the same location or on the same team—to encourage social learning and boost metrics that matter, like knowledge retention and engagement, while also being able to fully track what’s getting done.

Let’s work together to boost engagement and help you achieve your communications and training goals to drive performance in all the right ways.

What is a mobile learning solution?

A mobile learning solution is a remote education form where users can access learning with their handheld devices. With the increasing availability and affordability of data connections, mobile learning is becoming an increasingly popular way to access educational content. Mobile learning does not only refer to using smartphones; other mobile devices like iPads and eBooks can also be used for this purpose. It is important to keep this in mind when developing a mobile learning strategy.

Key benefits of mobile learning technology

Mobile learning has many benefits, including the ability to learn at any time and place, flexibility for learners, and support for cross-device learning. Thanks to our mobile learning solution, learners can enjoy greater flexibility and convenience while still getting the high-quality learning experience they need.

Implement an effective mobile learning solution in your business

Since many people consider both traditional education and eLearning boring and complicated, it’s important to find ways to make learning more engaging and accessible. One way to do this is a mobile learning solution: breaking down the learning into small digestible chunks and adding an entertainment element to create a fun game feeling. This encourages learners to persist with their studies and shows them that learning can be engaging and feasible on their mobile device.