LMS for compliance training that employees actually remember

Give your workforce a compliance training LMS that’s intuitive to use for mandatory training. You get to check the “completed” box on compliance requirements and then keep reinforcing key information to make sure your people make the right decisions on the job. This helps build a compliance culture and behaviour rather than a test and forget environment.

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Make compliance training unforgettable

The Axonify learning management system serves up your compliance training in the same learning platform where your people already do their 3-5 minutes of daily employee training. And it automatically makes completion a priority, so you can feel confident that they’ll get it done.

Stay out of the hot seat

Go beyond checking the box. With our compliance training solutions, employees remember what they’ve learned so they avoid making mistakes that put your organisation at risk.

Set your compliance training program and trust it

Automate compliance programs so you can spend less time following up on company policies and more time on higher-value initiatives.

Axonify takes the stress out of compliance training

Move beyond one-and-done compliance training courses

Annual compliance courses might not be enough to keep your employees from making mistakes that cost the organisation big. After the initial compliance training event, use the Axonify LMS for compliance training to reinforce the training and keep reminding employees of the key things they need to know around keeping your company and their actions compliant to industry regulations.

“My favorite aspect of Axonify is the way it is designed to make learning into a daily habit, not an annual check of a box.”

Build compliance into onboarding

You don’t have to force compliance training as one of the first things a new hire completes. Blend compliance training content into the regular onboarding path to give each employee a friendlier introduction to your culture, systems and procedures, while still making sure employees’ compliance is part of the mix of training they go through.

See who’s overdue and follow-up with ease

Use your leader dashboard and other LMS features within Axonify to get a clear line of sight into who is overdue on their online compliance training. Then send each of them a direct reminder to get it done, right from the dashboard view.

Let’s work together to make compliance
training an easier part of your job.