An enabled workforce is good for business

Here’s how Axonify’s workforce enablement solution drives measurable business outcomes for your organisation.

Scalable engagement

Axonify provides the scalability to foster engaged, capable and loyal workers.

  • Reach every employee on the ground, no matter the organisation’s size, across all locations in 60+ languages, to confidently get the right knowledge to the right people.
  • Increase engagement and adoption with a gamified UX and UI purpose-built for workforces and optimised through customer feedback.
  • Foster strong connections and employee retention through two-way communication and feedback channels that engage and empower workers.

How we do it

Axonify is built to address the common issues with traditional workforces—and get results. Here’s how we do it.

Simplified enablement

Axonify provides a simplified and effective experience that enables workers to drive business results.

  • Close skill and knowledge gaps through science-backed personalised and intelligent training and reinforcement programs.
  • Onboard and train faster and more effectively to maximise workforce potential, and offer upskilling opportunities for the future.
  • Make vital information accessible quickly, in the flow of work during every shift, on the devices workers are already using.
  • Unburden managers with streamlined task management that mobilises staff in the flow of work.

Purpose-built for the frontline

With a methodology, UI and UX geared to the reality of people on the ground and their leaders, we drive proven business results, no matter the scale of your organisation.

Outcome-focused Insights

Axonify provides the insights to make data-driven decisions about your people and the outcomes they deliver.

  • Use machine learning to connect enablement to business results through the behaviors it drives
  • Make data-driven decisions by leveraging robust metrics on your people, their knowledge, the tasks they’re assigned, the outcomes they achieve and more
  • Stay agile and iterate quickly with real-time employee insights and data
  • Prevent future problems and proactively course-correct operations with predictive insights on staff readiness and preparedness

Learn, connect and get things done