How grocery associates learn, connect and get things done

Give your grocery team the tools they need to prioritise food safety and minimise waste, deliver memorable customer experiences, and stay loyal and engaged — with an enablement solution purpose-built for them.

Grocery success starts with workforce success

Over the last 10 years, we’ve partnered with grocers across the world to understand how to truly drive high performance. That’s why our frontline enablement solution is proven to maximise the potential of grocery workforces. It’s fast, simple and fits into the flow of work — to get associates onboarded, engaged and ready to get things done, as quickly as possible.

Trusted and used by nearly 1 million frontline grocery associates globally, every day

See how top grocery retailers are bringing their learning plans to life, delivering grocery training and communications that actually work.

Get associates onboarded and on the floor — faster

Streamlined onboarding gets your grocery associates ready to deliver next-level CX, sooner. Our robust grocery content library makes customised microlearning paths that help associates focus on what’s important, while daily intelligent reinforcement makes sure it sticks.

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Screenshot of onboarding for grocery associates with Axonify

Reach every single associate — in real time

In grocery, things move quickly. Stay agile and connected to every associate, across every location, in 60+ languages, with embedded communication and feedback channels that share critical information, collect valuable customer insights and share need-to-know updates, all from one place.

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“Axonify has been an awesome tool for us. We’ve used it to stay connected with all our associates across the entire state by sharing crucial updates to help keep our people safe and feeling connected.“
– Theresa Zawlocki, Associate Development Direct, Festival Foods

Drive consistency at scale

Reduce food waste, manage shrinkage and loss, and drive operational consistency with task assignments and checklists that help your associates put their training to use, every day. Track task completion, identify gaps and use predictive insights to address risks — before they become barriers to success.

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Get the enablement solution your associates want to use.