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A strategy for effective internal communication is crucial in keeping staff informed about what matters to the business, driving common goals and fostering a sense of company culture and employee involvement. Regrettably, only 15% of employees feel actively engaged in their work, which means that communication is falling short.

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Part of this shortfall can be attributed to communication methods. Despite the availability of right-fit and robust engagement platforms, the majority of managers still rely on email for 95% of their correspondence. Email may be easily accessible for those who work at a desk, but for frontline employees like warehouse workers and those out in the field, email is not really an option.

This poses a significant problem, considering that more than 80% of the global workforce identifies as deskless. You risk alienating a substantial segment of your staff if you’re not considering the best way to reach them based on the realities of their day-to-day.

What is an employee communication solution?

Internal communication software is a technological resource designed to enhance and refine dialogue within the work environment. It gives businesses the ability to disseminate information and assets to staff members with ease, minimising the time required to organise team tasks.

These resources also stimulate and foster superior teamwork between separate departments and sectors, as well as across diverse geographical locations. They simplify the intricate task of administering digital correspondences between individuals and divisions, centralising and making the whole process more efficient.

Features to look for in an employee communication solution

Effortlessly relay prompt, uniform information to your staff when it counts, regardless of their location—without the need for an email address. This means immediate contact with your workforce on the field through a business-sanctioned platform that’s customised to suit your specific requirements.

  • Deliver information where your team can readily access it: If your company has implemented Axonify, team members sign at the start of each shift, making it an ideal platform to disseminate fresh updates and knowledge. Create your unique text or multimedia messages, which are then automatically relayed straight to your frontline staff as they log in for their daily training. Encourage your employees to engage in dialogue and offer valuable feedback, providing you with the necessary insights to confirm that your strategies at the headquarters are being effectively implemented at the ground level.
  • Only share relevant information: Staff members already have many tasks to recall. Hence, we’ve simplified the process for supervisors to tailor communications according to an employee’s position, location or group. Effortlessly relay on-the-spot guidance articles, FAQs, protocols or other crucial updates required for them to excel in their daily tasks.
  • Maintain uniformity in your team’s communication: Ensure your ground-level staff interpret messages as you originally planned. Rather than sending communications through various departments and supervisors, connect directly with the intended recipients, presenting information that sidesteps unnecessary alterations during transit. This also eliminates the requirement for unofficial messages on a social platform that your employees ought to reserve for their personal interactions, not professional engagement.

Why frontline workers value an app as an internal communication platform

Frontline employees frequently experience a sense of detachment and isolation from the broader company. Their often lengthy hours in a high-pressure environment can limit their interaction with peers in other departments, making it a struggle to keep up with corporate news and updates and to feel a part of the whole organisation.

A dedicated employee communication app can help overcome these issues and enhance engagement by offering a platform for dialogue and cooperation across various teams, departments, and locations. The mobile application can also present features like company news streams, event schedules, recognition schemes and staff surveys, all of which can cultivate a feeling of camaraderie and connection.

Choosing the right employee communication solution for your specific company

In order to achieve streamlined and efficient lines of communication, a growing number of companies are gravitating towards internal employee communication tools. However, with an abundance of choices on offer, how does one determine the most suitable option for their company? Moreover, once you’ve reached a decision, how do you effectively roll it out?

  • Recognising your company’s communication requirements: Before plunging into the vast pool of employee communication software, it is crucial to analyse your existing communication practices and pinpoint your specific requirements. Allocate time to examine how your staff currently interact and work together. Are there any obstructions or areas causing discomfort? What are your communication objectives? Gaining insight into your needs will assist you in making a well-informed decision and selecting a software solution that is most compatible with your organisation.
  • Analysing your present communication techniques: Begin by examining your current communication techniques. Do you depend heavily on emails, which are not only time-consuming but also easily missed? Are you using several communication tools and platforms, leading to disorganised information and misunderstanding? Examine the pros and cons of your present communication techniques to pinpoint areas that require attention.
  • Establishing your communication objectives: After you’ve analysed your existing techniques, it’s time to establish your communication objectives. What are your expectations from the deployment of staff communication software? Is it to improve internal communications, boost team collaboration, or perhaps both? Explicitly state your goals to steer your decision-making process and ensure that the selected software is in line with your objectives.

Why is an employee communication solution important?

Each member of your team needs to be aware of their responsibilities. This can be achieved through effective dialogue. It not only aids in propelling everyone towards the organisation’s objectives but also fosters trust. Additionally, it makes the office atmosphere more pleasant for all.

Being part of the company’s executive group, it’s essential to comprehend the influence of communication on the business. Every individual in your organisation is a valuable asset, possessing skills that can be instrumental in achieving corporate success. If they face difficulties in receiving information or are unclear about their duties, they may feel detached, leading to their skills being underutilised.

Internal communication tools for how your organisation really works

Ranging from timelines reminiscent of social media to pulse surveys, an interactive communication hub that’s designed to be swift, enjoyable and integrated seamlessly into daily tasks and fits into the flow of frontline life will ensure that the messages that matter are well-received.

With an appropriate internal communication strategy in place, organisations can optimise efficiency and stimulate frontline employee engagement by connecting with every single staff member, irrespective of the workforce’s scale.

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