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At last, a single system that can manage communication, training, and task execution all from a unified app. The comprehensive digital dashboard allows you to track training progress, send targeted messages, and deliver the skills that will most benefit your workforce whatever shift they clock into. Discover how intelligent enablement can transform areas of your operation and make your supply chains and stores more productive.

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What Axonify delivers for grocers


Send out regular updates, be it the latest video message from head office, relevant food, promos of the newest FMCG product or employee surveys of what can be improved at your stores. Interacting with comms can become as normal as checking their favourite news apps or social media platforms. Keep your teams connected and deliver info that keeps your grocery stores running smoothly.


24-hour shifts, modern levels of staff turnover, and geographic distance make rolling out training a huge challenge for the today’s grocers. You don’t want to be waiting months to deliver a training day when you need it done now. From inducting new staff to providing refresher training and cross skilling to other sections like the deli or checkout, we develop skills in a fun way that changes behaviours and gets results.


Keep your grocer staff focused on what needs to get done in your stores to drive operational execution at scale. Get oversight at what may be a risk with our task management solution that streamlines processes, improves quality, and ensures staff consistently executes on your brand promise. All of this while reducing the strain on store managers to conduct task oriented pre shift huddles.

Improve performance in a few minutes a day

Learning management systems are often associated with long, boring sessions. Comms are often left unread or stuck in the inboxes of your store managers. Not Axonify. Communication is real-time and allows for interaction. Training is fun, fast, personalised–and simple too. Associates know exactly where to start their shift and what to do when they log in. Plus, each associate’s comms and training can be completely tailored to their department, region and individual needs. The best part? It’s all done in fewer than five minutes each shift.

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See how top grocery retailers are bringing their plans to life, delivering grocery training and communications that actually work.

Develop customer service skills quickly

Every supermarket has its own way of relating to staff. Ensure new joins and existing staff know how your brand wants to present itself through its people. Design induction programs that disseminate your company values as a natural part of the onboarding process. Have your customer-facing employees embody your brand priorities and get the right mix of your service culture executed on the ground at your grocery stores.

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“Axonify has been an awesome tool for us. We’ve used it to stay connected with all our associates across the entire state by sharing crucial updates to help keep our people safe and feeling connected.“

Content that actually works

Our Grocery Essentials library is filled with hundreds of topics designed by learning experts and experienced grocer leaders like you to deliver training to supermarket employees across a wide range of topics–from food safety to banana handling. On average our marketplace content boosts baseline knowledge levels by 20% and that translates directly into benefits like reduced shrink and safety incidents, and boosted customer satisfaction. All this fresh content is available on day one, and new courses are added often to our continually expanding topic options.

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Speed up food recalls

Have recall info reach your shop floor staff immediately and ensure concerned products are off the shelves in record time. No longer do you have to wait for alerts to filter slowly through management chains and emails. Now, you can inform the people who will be actually taking the products off the shelves immediately. Gone are the days of needless product recall delays.

Tap into our grocery expertise

We get what you’re up against. Staggered shifts and high turnover. Rapidly changing procedures and technologies. Employees spread out across locations with virtually no time for training. We’ll take what we’ve learned working with grocers around the world and put it to work for you. And your grocer employees simply train 3-5 minutes per shift to keep the knowledge fresh and top of mind. From turnkey implementation and ongoing support to our grocery community forum, we’ll keep you winning every step of the way.

Keep teams abreast of ever-changing food and health trends

Perhaps no other industry is as beset by continually evolving trends and ways of thinking. Be sure your staff are ready to respond to customer questions about topical questions and the search for new types of products. Through continually delivered bites of training, staff never need be stumped for an answer to challenging customer questions about the latest health or diet fads. Deliver your insider knowledge straight to the people that count.

Give your grocers associates the support
they need to stay engaged and productive.