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Axonify Releases Enhanced Frontline Training Amid Rising Workplace Violence and Fraud Crisis

Posted on: April 16, 2024

WATERLOO, ON April 16th, 2024Axonify, a leader in frontline employee learning and enablement, launches new Workplace Violence Prevention Training for frontline employees amid the continued increase in workplace violence in the United States. As these types of incidents surge and fraudulent activities continue to pose significant threats across industries, Axonify is taking additional measures to provide crucial support to frontline organizations.

Axonify’s new content offering launches in time to support California’s Senate Bill 553 and New York’s Retail Worker Safety Act S8358. This Legislation requires employers to develop and implement employee training programs to prevent workplace violence, maintain training records and conduct annual reviews.
With violence, theft and confrontations on the rise in retail, grocery and other frontline workplaces, Axonify’s research revealed that 40% of grocery and retail associates feel scared to go to work, and 71% of frontline managers are concerned with the security and personal safety of their workers and customers. Additionally, the rise in fraudulent activities, like return abuse, is creating a perfect storm that exacerbates the challenge of maintaining a safe frontline workplace.

Recognizing the urgent need to address these pressing issues, Axonify is committed to equipping frontline companies with the necessary tools and resources to effectively manage and mitigate these risks with enhanced and up-to-date training.

Axonify’s Workplace Violence Prevention training offers 60+ tailored training modules designed to enable frontline managers and employees with the skills and knowledge needed to address workplace violence and fraud effectively. Retail-specific available content topics include Loss Prevention Strategies for Managers, Loss Prevention Strategies Self-Checkout, Loss Prevention Strategies Shoplifting, Loss Prevention Strategies Storefront Robbery Prevention and Responses, Workplace VIolence Prevention General, Workplace Violence Prevention Customer Service, Workplace Violence Prevention Theft, Workplace Violence Prevention Harassment, and much more.

More than half (60%) of Axonify customers currently leveraging Content Marketplace use the Workplace Violence Prevention training content. These ready-to-deploy resources leverage data-driven insights and real-world scenarios to provide practical guidance on identifying warning signs, de-escalating conflicts and implementing preventative measures. Using the Axonify Method, which is powered by brain science and AI-driven, the learning is personalized, reinforced and retained so organizations can be confident that their teams know how to safely follow the proper protocols.

“Our data revealed that 48% of frontline managers said that their company had not updated their policies or training around fraudulent returns and workplace violence in a year or more,” said Carol Leaman, CEO at Axonify. “We understand the critical role that training and employee enablement play in safeguarding teams and organizations from the impacts of workplace violence and fraud. By offering comprehensive training and support, Axonify aims to empower frontline organizations to be able to respond effectively to these challenges and foster safer and more resilient workplaces.”

Axonify supports the frontline by helping organizations navigate workplace violence incidents and train workers in accordance with new and evolving legislation with a solution that’s custom-built for how their teams learn, connect and get things done safely, every day.

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