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Charcoal Group selects Axonify to transform frontline training for 1200 team members

Posted on: November 7, 2023

Axonify’s advanced AI technology will innovate the way Charcoal Group trains and engages its workforce

WATERLOO, ONTARIO – November 7, 2023Axonify, a leader in frontline enablement and learning, is announcing a new partnership with Kitchener-based restaurant organization Charcoal Group to transform their training, engagement and guest experience across their 14 businesses.  

Charcoal Group will use Axonify to modernize and streamline their training and communication processes on the frontline and leverage the tool to achieve consistent, top-tier operations among its restaurants. Before Axonify, team members were onboarded through in-person seminar-style and paper-based training that took their leaders away from building the business and engaging with guests. Now, with Axonify, Charcoal Group will reduce time off the floor and ensure teams are up-to-date on standards and promotions, as well as continuously increasing menu and product knowledge. As an organization, Charcoal Group is focused on constant improvement, and was drawn to Axonify’s AI-powered reinforcement training that is customized to each team member’s learning needs and delivered in the platform in a fun way that ensures the information is retained and applied.

“We’ve had everyone from our CEO to General Managers and Chefs to Servers and Cooks go through the onboarding process on the app over the last few weeks and we have received a lot of positive feedback,” said Megan Stover, VP of People + Culture for Charcoal Group. “We strive to provide world-class dining experiences for our Guests and are very intentional about our menu execution and steps of service. This partnership and launch has been an excellent opportunity to get the whole team refreshed and excited about using the Axonify platform. As we continue to grow our group, the strength of our training programs will build the confidence of our team and also the consistency of our operations, all of which are integral to our team’s future.”

With their strong focus on the guest’s experience and desire to build team member knowledge, Charcoal Group recognized the need to modernize the flow of information and training capabilities so their managers and frontline teams were properly enabled and supported from day 1. The wellbeing of their team members is a top priority for Charcoal Group leaders and Axonify will help alleviate administrative strains on managers, build team confidence, inspire engagement and foster exceptional guest experiences.

“Charcoal Group is an exceptional local brand that has an opportunity to transform the way they train and enable their team members,” said Carol Leaman, CEO and Co-founder of Axonify. “Employee retention, disengagement and burnout are major challenges for the hospitality industry. By partnering with Axonify, Charcoal Group is investing in the enablement of their team members and we’re excited about the opportunity to help set up their workforce for long-term success with the right-fit tools and training.”

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Axonify is the proven frontline enablement solution that gives employees everything they need to learn, connect and get things done. It starts with brain science and AI to drive knowledge retention through bite-sized microlearning and daily intelligent reinforcement. Embedded two-way communication and feedback ensure your staff is engaged and informed, no matter the scale of your organization, and guided task management shows employees exactly how to put their training to use, every single day. With an industry-leading 83% engagement rate, companies use Axonify to deliver next-level CX, higher sales, improved workplace safety and lower turnover. Axonify enables over 3.5 million frontline workers in 160+ countries, with over 250 customers including Lowe’s, Kroger, Walmart and Citizens Bank. Founded in 2011, Axonify is headquartered in Waterloo, ON Canada. For more information, visit