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Retailers Need To Consider Importance Of Frontline Employees As Much As Technology: Analysis

Posted on: June 14, 2021

While much of the debate in recent months has been around the importance of retail technology, operators need to ensure that they don’t overlook the impact of frontline employees, writes Liam O’Meara, VP of Europe for Axonify.

Like retailers worldwide, European grocery stores have been impacted by changing consumer behaviors brought by the pandemic. With lockdowns in effect since last spring, online sales have boomed, as the pandemic undoubtedly changed grocery consumer habits.

But whilst the impact of these changes will continue to be felt, the re-opening of the HoReCa trade will definitely mean grocers have some work to do. To entice consumers back with a great customer experience, grocers are looking to technology to streamline the shopping trip, but are they forgetting to shine a light on the impact of frontline employees?

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