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What COVID-19 Taught Grocers About Employee Training

Posted on: June 8, 2021

Like many, the grocery and retail industries had to turn on a dime to react to the pandemic. Some simply hoped to survive while others thrived. For those that remained open, the challenges were significant  staffing and fulfilling higher demand strained capacity. But those merchants also experienced record profit from that same demand.

Now, one year later, it’s beneficial to determine what these organisations learned and how they should move forward. As restaurant capacities increase and more Americans resume eating out, grocers will be challenged to continue to grow revenue and retain customers. 

While few retailers would want to relive 2020, it’s an excellent time to consider some of the key lessons gleaned from that experience. What did grocers learn during that difficult period? What fundamental changes did they make that they should continue doing to improve experiences for both employees and customers?

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