Axonify + SAP:

Enabling your workforce with a proven approach to learning and reinforcement

Available on the SAP App Center

With Axonify and SAP SuccessFactors you can:

  • Combine learning on the SuccessFactors platform with Axonify’s enablement solution for a holistic approach to reinforcing training and knowledge retention
  • Drive sky-high user engagement  by integrating SuccessFactors with Axonify—we have an 83% engagement rate across our customers!
  • Create a powerhouse employee enablement ecosystem, no additional logins required


Triggered reinforcement

Your workforce completes training within SuccessFactors that triggers continuous reinforcement of their knowledge in Axonify, ensuring they retain and remember what they’ve learned.

Screenshots of Axonify's daily quetsions and gamification features that help reinforce knowledge
A unified experience for using Axonify within the SAP environment

Unified experience

SSO and seamless user provisioning creates a single experience for your workforce.

Close individual knowledge gaps

We all learn at our own pace which means training that’s one-size-fits-all often misses the mark. Axonify adapts to what each individual learner struggles with—no matter the size of the business—for a personalised approach that addresses gaps and gets results.

Close knowledge gaps with personalized learning

Learn, connect and get things done with Axonify + SAP