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4 practical steps to get your frontline enablement strategy started

Posted on: September 6, 2023Updated on: April 16, 2024By: Maliyah Bernard

By now, you understand why investing in your frontline is so critical and how you can overcome the enablement barriers in your workplace. So what’s the next move?

Here are four practical steps you can take to keep up the positive momentum and get started with a new frontline enablement strategy.

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Step 1: See how enabled your workforce is

To get a sense of where your organization’s frontline experience currently stands, take our quiz

The results will help you better understand which processes are working—and where opportunities exist to take your enablement campaigns to the next level. 

Don’t have an answer at the ready for some of the questions? No problem! Use any gaps as learning opportunities and discover which tools and other resources could be in place to support your team. (Psst, we’re also here to help!)

Step 2: Talk to your people

We’ve spoken to frontline employees and their leaders to find out exactly what kind of support they need to make the most impact at work. Now it’s your turn! Build on our research with your own. 

Whenever possible, get out of the office and into the field so you can talk to your people face-to-face or establish other ways—like regular AMAs—to keep a pulse on what’s working and what’s not from their point of view.

Learn what frontline enablement is, why it’s powerful and how to get it working for your organization

Step 3: Set your enablement goals

Some organizations are all-in on driving workforce efficiency. Some focus more on connecting their people and keeping them safe to boost their positive company culture. 

Tune into whatever impact you want enablement to have on your business and let that be your guide. Factor in the measurable results you want to generate for the company from the beginning—whether that’s a more engaged workforce, higher sales or fantastic customer experience—and make an effort to keep your goals front and center throughout the entire process.

Step 4: Build your business case

As any frontline leader can tell you, getting buy-in is crucial to any initiative—and that’s especially true of frontline enablement, which can often involve multiple teams and stakeholders embracing forward-looking ideas around frontline learning, communication and operational support. 

Prepare for upcoming stakeholder conversations by painting a picture that demonstrates the value of enablement for the business and identifies what you need to get there. 

Get started with frontline enablement by figuring out where your workforce stands today and where the gaps are—and stay the course with clear goals guiding the way to make your strategy a success.

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Maliyah Bernard

Maliyah Bernard is an academic writer turned content writer. As a former frontline worker, she loves writing about all the ways organizations can support these essential workers smarter.

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