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JD Dillon and Maxine Grundy speak during Learning Technologies 2024
Measurement, Modern Training

Achieving agility through data: lessons in learning measurement from Sage

Violence in the workplace
Modern Training

Training Tips: Violence in the workplace

Vyond video
Modern Training

Innovative ways to leverage AI video tools like Vyond for content creation

Logistics Workers Practicing Supply Chain Agility
Modern Training, Operational Support

Supply chain agility: What it is and why you need it

Retail Task Management Guide
Modern Training

A guide to retail task management

Feature Image 70% Of Retail Managers Reported Return Fraud At Their Store In The Last Three Months
Modern Training, Trends

We asked 300 retail managers about return fraud. Here’s what we learned. 

How pharmaceutical brand Merck balances push and pull learning in a highly regulated industry
Customer Stories, Modern Training

How pharmaceutical brand Merck balances push and pull learning

Team Huddle
Modern Training

4 surefire tips for effective pre-shift team huddles

End Of Year Blog Resized
Modern Training

Counting down our top 10 blogs of 2023

Understanding Restaurant Burnout And Its Impact On Foodservice Employees
Modern Training

Understanding restaurant burnout and its impact on foodservice employees

Prioritizing Guest Experience
Communication, Modern Training, Trends

5 ways to prioritize guest experience in challenging times

The Employees Putting Groceries On Aisle And Exposing Them At Supermarket.
Modern Training, Operational Support, Trends

We asked 500 U.K. managers about the state of their operations. Here’s what we learned.

Anti-theft scanner at the front entrance of a retail store
Modern Training, Operational Support

We asked 300 retail managers about theft. Here’s what we learned.

ITK with Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer at Udemy
Engagement, Modern Training

Q&A with Udemy’s CLO: How to build a purposeful company culture

Hospitality workers in lobby
Modern Training, Operational Support

How the right training can drive operational consistency and standout experiences in hospitality

Retail associates and managers want to feel a sense of recognition, accomplishment, security, belonging and respect
Modern Training

What do today’s employees want in a job?

Axonify Grocery Associates Upskilling for Retention
Modern Training

Unlock your grocery retention strategy by leaning into upskilling

A male retail associate holds a shoe box while working during a new product launch.
Modern Training

What a successful shoe launch looks like—through the eyes of an associate

Axonify Retail Store Associate Robert Lowdon Photography
Modern Training

4 practical steps to get your frontline enablement strategy started

Frontline enablement for hospitality, check-in desk associate
Modern Training

Top 4 barriers to frontline enablement—and how to overcome them

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