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Counting down our top 10 blogs of 2023

Posted on: December 20, 2023Updated on: April 16, 2024By: Paige Magarrey
Our top 10 blogs of 2023

As we finish up the last couple weeks of 2023, we can’t help but get a little nostalgic. Ah, the stories we’ve told! The frontlines we’ve polled! The tried-and-true tactics we’ve shared! Join us as we take a walk down memory lane (ok ok, no more sentimental prose—promise) and count down our top blogs published this year.

10. 8 internal communication examples for engaging frontlines

Frontline learning and internal communication have always gone hand-in-hand, but this year we dug deep into the world of communication and feedback to explore how frontlines can make better connections with their leaders, and their peers. And who doesn’t love a little inspiration to get those creative juices flowing? 

9. 5 hospitality brands taking customer service to the next level

…Did someone say inspiration? Here are five hotels, airlines and resorts that are taking employee engagement up a notch to empower their staff to deliver the next-level experiences guests are looking for.

8. Retail asset protection: 5 costly mistakes retailers make

For retailers across the globe, shrink has been a massive disruption throughout 2023. So it’s no surprise that retail loss prevention expert Stephen O’Keefe’s   look at retail asset protection mistakes to avoid is one of our top blogs of the year. 

7. Retail and grocery associates feel scared to go to work—how the right training can ease their fears

One of the most terrifying stats we uncovered in 2023 was that 40% of retail and grocery workers feel scared to go to work. The urgent need to address violence and theft in retail cannot be overstated. This blog takes a data-based look at some potential tactics to try. 

6. 8 retailers taking employee engagement to the next level

You thought we were done with our inspirational roundups of amazing frontline organizations? Think again! Employee engagement strategies from some of the top retailers, from Best Buy to Lowe’s, are shared in this roundup. 

5. How to improve retail store performance: 7 tried-and-true tactics

Engaging retail associates to boost sales and upsells is as important as ever. But it’s not always easy, especially with turnover and burnout at all-time highs. This blog takes readers through a seven-step plan for engaging and empowering retail staff to improve those KPIs.  

4. How the 5 pillars of belonging can create a culture of connection at work

Creating a sense of belonging in the workplace has been a talktrack throughout 2023, as leaders find ways to encourage their people—and themselves—to bring their authentic selves to work. This interview with David Bator, Director of the Achievers Workforce Institute, goes deep into the five identified pillars that can bring belonging to life within your organization.

3. Everything you need to know about our brand refresh

2023 was a huge year for Axonify. We debuted a refreshed  logo and   creative brand! This interview with The Starr Conspiracy’s Bailey Blanchone, the Creative Director who guided, advised and collaborated on the refresh, was a crowd favorite. 

2. Top five factors that influence retail customer satisfaction

Crafting the ultimate customer experience is an evergreen challenge for retail, and this blog goes deep into the factors that can shift that experience to extraordinary (our fave is #3!).  

1. Why manager burnout should be retail leaders’ #1 priority

It should come as no surprise to anyone that manager burnout is our top post of everything  published in 2023, particularly after our research found that 54% of retail managers feel burned out on a daily basis. 

In 2024, we’ll dive into tactical ways organizations can address this urgent issue—and the other disruptions and challenges facing frontline leaders so there’s plenty of must-read blogs on the way.

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