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Innovative ways to leverage AI video tools like Vyond for content creation

Posted on: April 11, 2024By: Maliyah Bernard

Keeping things fresh with compelling and relevant training content is a tough job. Content creators often have to choose between building it themselves, which is time-consuming and expensive, or borrowing it from an off-the-shelf library that isn’t tailored to their industry. (And we all know how disengaging generic training modules can be.)

Harnessing the power of video is a proven way to tell more powerful, meaningful stories. It’s a medium that helps you better speak to your audience and boost training effectiveness. Research shows that 27% of global internet users now watch more than 17 hours of online videos per week, and video content makes up more than 80% of all worldwide internet traffic.

People clearly have an appetite for video in their personal lives, and businesses can piggyback on that high level of engagement in the workplace. Tools like Vyond help businesses overcome the challenges of legacy video content production. It’s faster, budget-friendly and allows for last-minute changes without having to reshoot.

Axonify’s Chief Learning Architect JD Dillon recently spoke to Vyond Customer Success Manager Craig Kingsbury and Head of Product Marketing Enrique Olives about why their tool is resonating with 65% of the Fortune 500, over 20,000 customers and millions of users worldwide to make workplace training and communication more relevant, efficient and effective.

Why implement a video-based content strategy?

First, the internal benefits: Video content creation with tech like Vyond is cheaper to create and deliver, so you can give your workforce what they need more quickly than traditional video approaches

“Someone could create content with Vyond in less than a day and then deliver that to their audience the next day,” says Olives. “Right there, there’s a huge benefit.”

AI-powered content creation also offers an alternative to complex or resource-heavy production. You don’t have to find voiceover actors, props, stock imagery or hire a video team for multiple days of filming—it’s all available from one platform.

“While most businesses understand the power of video and want to use video in their communications, they get stuck in operationalizing and scaling video,” he adds.

Vyond users love the content because it makes training events more engaging and exciting; videos break challenging topics into fun, digestible bursts of learning that are on-brand and tailored to employees’ roles. No more settling for off-the-shelf content that doesn’t quite fit the brand, tone or processes.

Video developers can also easily translate videos into different languages and dialects, giving every employee equitable access to learning resources—regardless of language. This feature is especially beneficial for global organizations with diverse workforces that want to be more inclusive.

These high-impact videos also serve a purpose outside of internal training programs and help with outreach communications that cut through the noise.

“If sales teams are looking to separate themselves from standard emails, they’ll use Vyond to create a little bit of differentiation with their communications,” Olives adds.

Content creators don’t have to start from scratch when generating new topics. Instead, they can spend their limited time and resources pulling content from an existing library like Axonify’s Content Marketplace. Cheers to never building another ladder safety module from the ground up again!

“Vyond is your AI-powered video maker. We put the power of video creation in everyone’s hands, allowing users from every industry or job role to create business-relevant videos.”

Enrique Olives, Head of Product Marketing at Vyond

Creative and impactful use cases to inspire

Vyond supports content creation for thousands of customers and millions of users in industries like finance, government, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, professional services, software and tech and more. 

Here are three examples of real organizations transforming their learning and development content with high-quality Vyond videos:


GoHealth, an insurance marketplace, delivers Vyond videos to over 2,000 customer service agents. The company created a repository of 50+ microlearning videos, so if a customer service rep doesn’t know the answer to questions about insurance plans, eligibility criteria or state-by-state nuances when someone calls, they can easily find the answer by watching a quick video while they put the caller on hold and get the answer right in the moment of need.

American Express

American Express uses Vyond similarly to GoHealth, but more for training its customer service and partner reps. The American Express global learning team had been using another video creation platform but found the features limiting and the interface difficult to understand. Now, the company is able to create videos in 25% less time than with its previous video tool.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market wanted a versatile video tool to quickly create content on several topics and avoid the cost and hassle of shooting videos. Vyond allows Whole Foods Market’s L&D team to keep up with the speed of business by reducing their video production time by 75%.

AI-powered tools like Vyond can accelerate your storytelling capabilities, allowing you to reach your learning audience in new ways.

Want to learn more about creating high-impact training videos with Vyond and Axonify? Get the insights and watch the demo shared in the full interview:

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