“Within 24 hours, I had questions for 17 learning modules done,” beams Christina Bernsen with noticeable pride through a laptop screen. The Learning and Development (L&D) Specialist at Sonnet Insurance, Canada’s first coast-to-coast fully online home and auto insurance company, is still in awe that she was able to save so much time using Axonify.

Faced with tight deadlines, compliance requirements, and having to ensure advisors are well-informed and engaged, Bernsen was keen to leverage Axonify’s Content Assistant and Content Marketplace toolkit to keep up with demand.

She relied on Content Assistant, an AI-powered question writing tool, to create critical training modules on the company’s robust licensing programs and deployed them to advisors fast.

“One of the biggest challenges is getting[associates] to remember the content [they learn when they take courses],” says Bernsen. “We’re talking about books with about 2,000 pages of content, so we needed to create the modules quickly. Taking that and creating small chunks of learning without the help of a tool would have taken me forever, a project that would have likely spanned over two full years alone.”

Instead of eating up precious time writing the questions manually, Bernsen quickly created them with Content Assistant, assigned them to her team and reinforced what they needed to know by the following day. Making sure advisors retain what they learn in the highly regulated and ever-evolving world of insurance is of paramount importance.

“We want to fully support our frontline, helping them find the right information quickly and efficiently during an interaction,” offers Ingrid Carreres, Senior Bilingual Instructional Designer at Sonnet Insurance. “So, whether they are on a virtual chat or on a phone call, they have access to important information they need in a timely manner and can quickly make sense of it.”

Sonnet’s mission is to provide Canadians with an easy, transparent and customised way to buy home and auto insurance online. They are innovators and customer service leaders, inspiring customer confidence from the moment a person visits the Sonnet website, up to choosing the right plan for them. This requires highly knowledgeable associates who can help educate customers and support their insurance buying journey with accurate, professional and easy to understand advice.

“Insurance is regulated across the board by the Canadian government,” says Bernsen. “If we fail to comply to certain measures, then we could lose our license to operate. So, this is beyond even just getting something right. It’s important that we deliver the correct information.”

That means new hires, or those making moves within the company, need to be able to download significant information quickly, keep customers happy and ensure the business continues to be compliant.

Axonify provided multi-purpose solutions to help elevate and simplify the process

”We had these very digital-savvy agents that were comfortable chatting with customers on the chat tool, but we also had those that were more comfortable on the phone,” says Carreres. “Having to cross-train them, we were grateful to be able to leverage the Content Marketplace for that.”

A virtual library with over 650 training topics, including more than 30 specifically tailored to the world of finance and insurance, Content Marketplace is a resource of learning modules available to Axonify customers that provides off-the-shelf solutions to subjects ranging from compliance to understanding credit scores and beyond.

The content can be perused by administrators looking to leverage the pre-loaded topics that fit into their associates’ individual learning needs and came in very handy as Sonnet Insurance was navigating internal resource changes.

“We also had a lot of people moving into different departments or being promoted to new roles,” Carreres shares. “I was able to create a curriculum and leverage some of those Content Marketplace modules to help with these transitions. It was super helpful for us, and it saved a lot of our time, because we didn’t have the resources to build this.”

“Insurance is regulated across the board by the Canadian government. If we fail to comply to certain measures, then we could lose our license to operate. So, this is beyond even just getting something right. It’s important that we deliver the correct information.”
Christina Bernsen, Learning and Development Specialist, Sonnet Insurance

The availability of digital tools to support their associates also led to quicker resolutions and a more connected workforce

“It really elevated our team’s credibility, and we reduced the number of escalations, callbacks and the costs associated with calls being either too long or repeated,” says Carreres. “All the advisors are now looking at the same information—that’s what we are striving for. Accuracy and attention to detail is extremely important to us.”

With over 15 years of experience in L&D, Bernsen knows all about the pains of onboarding, the need to keep up with evolving regulations and the current resource crunch. That’s why she’s so effusive with her praise about how Axonify transformed her team’s
capability and output.

“Now when we need to do training, the modules we need are available in Axonify Marketplace and I love it! There are topics on how to handle calls, so it’s relevant for contact centres, customer service and the frontline in general. We can go into the modules, choose what we need, and the information is right there. It’s so perfect.”