Referrals are rewarding

Success as a Referral Partner couldn’t be simpler. Bring high-quality microlearning opportunities to us and you’ll earn generous fees. We’ll manage the rest.

Think there’s a great mutual fit?

What it takes to succeed

It’s important to have established senior level relationships at organizations where Axonify is a good fit. Your willingness to put in the time and effort to understand microlearning, Axonify and what makes a good, winnable opportunity is fundamental to your success.

What you bring to the table

Axonify Referral Partners should have the following:

  • Executive-level relationships within organizations that would benefit from microlearning
  • Deep expertise within sectors with a large number of frontline staff, like retail, manufacturing and call centers
  • An understanding of the characteristics of a strong Axonify opportunity – one that will get significant value out of our platform
What you can expect from us

When you sign up as a partner and start referring leads, you can count on us to expertly manage every opportunity that you pass on. You have our word that each and every referral will be treated like gold.

We’re also committed to providing you with:

  • An impressive best-in-class microlearning platform that keeps evolving with pace of modern business
  • Access to a resource-rich Partner Portal to help you not only learn about Axonify, but provide you with what you need to support and accelerate your success

Interested in becoming a Referral partner?