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Axonify is proven to have a dramatic effect within global powerhouses like Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, and mid-sized businesses like Northgate Markets, MCAP and Capital BlueCross. No matter the size of the organization, we’re solving the same problem — employees lack the knowledge they need to perform at their very best, and we’re building it, and measuring it’s impact to your bottom line.


Our Mission: Fuel your people + Power your organization

Axonify builds employee knowledge in the areas that matter most to your business; then sustains it, serves it up, and allows employees to share it with their peers – all in one platform. And it works! With Axonify, Bloomingdale’s saves an average of $2.2 million a year on safety incidents; Toyota sales reps sell an average of two cars more per month; and Walmart has reduced safety incidents by 50%.

Now you’re wondering, how do we do it?

First, we start with the end result in mind. What business outcomes do you want to achieve? What behaviors will get you to those outcomes? And what knowledge is required to inspire those behaviors? Then the platform gives your employees the knowledge they need – in their heads, and at their fingertips – to move things in the right direction.

How do we do it? By combining an award-winning approach to microlearning with knowledge-on-demand capabilities, while leveraging the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning and gamification to drive engagement.

Then, we go the extra mile

Only Axonify can capture behavior observations—the things your employees do right or wrong on the job. Then, it measures how those behaviors actually impact business outcomes.

Documented behaviors automatically trigger ‘learning bursts’ in the system to target and close knowledge gaps. It’s a continuous, self-healing process!

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Adaptive Microlearning

Axonify’s approach to microlearning not only delivers content in short, bite-sized bursts (from three to five minutes) per day, but it does it in a way that adapts continuously according to what each employee knows and doesn’t know. Plus, by taking advantage of more than a dozen game mechanics that drive voluntary participation, leveraging the latest in brain science to ensure that content is retained and applied, and tracking and measuring impact on the bottom line, Axonify elevates microlearning beyond a single training event to a long-term knowledge-building strategy. Employees will:

Axonify Platform screenshot showing goal tracking

Experience learning moments every day

Short bursts mean focused learning takes place in just a few minutes, right within the work stream.

Interact and connect with each other

Employees encourage each other, share information and compete for points in a friendly manner that makes for built-in motivation and keeps them coming back.

Experience a learning path specifically designed and adapted to them

Everyone learns differently. Our algorithms tailor a learning path specific to each employee—closing their unique knowledge gaps in a way that drives business results.

Have the freedom to select the learning device of their choice

From tablets, PCs, smartphones or even point-of-sale terminals, our platform is available wherever and whenever your people need it.

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Employees can access supplemental information and job aids whenever they need to. Pulled from a living repository of information that is populated by your subject matter experts and even crowd-sourced by your top employees, Axonify’s knowledge-on-demand capability builds a bridge between experts, learning professionals and employees that facilitates continual knowledge exchange and sharing. Employees will:

Find the information they need at the exact moment of need

Searches are quick, in-and-out events. A question comes up and then 2 clicks and 10 seconds later, an answer is found and applied. Simple.

Contribute valuable, relevant content to peers

Knowledge exists all over the organization. Capture, rate and share employee expertise ensuring informal knowledge is never lost and always available.

Become part of the energy, driving the organization forward

It is incredible how morale builds when employees are involved and contributing to the success of their team and, the organization as a whole.

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Actionable Insights

Regardless of where they are, managers gain critical insights about employee knowledge and behavior, working with their employees to drive knowledge growth, improve on-the-job behaviors and achieve business objectives. Simple tools enable a continuous feedback loop based on data, ensuring individuals and teams are continually aligned and working toward company goals. Managers will:

Axonify provides insight into employee learning even on the iPhone app

Quickly identify where challenges exist and address them

Transform ordinary managers into iconic team leaders who coach and mentor based on data-driven insights that are directly measured against bottom-line business metrics like transaction size or safety incidents.

Enable leaders to get a pulse on their teams’ performance

Leaders can view real-time team performance trends and compare metrics across their teams, departments or locations to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

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Communicate on updates and critical news

Share vital information to employees via video, text or images, ensuring your workforce is always in the know.

Observe employee behaviors on the job, tracking to desired results

Track learning all the way through to employee actions and behaviors on the job. Goodbye guess work.

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Behavior Observations

It’s true. Axonify allows you to define on-the-job behaviors that correlate directly to business goals, then observe and track those behaviors, fine-tuning learning and coaching based on how well employees exhibit those behaviors at work. Comprehensive analytics give you the ability to compare learning to behaviors and the achievement of business goals, which ultimately impact organizational results. Leaders and Admins will:

The Axonify platform on an iPad. Screenshot of team behaviours interface

Access reports that clearly demonstrate learning growth and behavior change

Leaders set the bar, then can closely track progress to see just how awesome everyone is doing or identify where more support is needed.

See analytics that clearly identify where knowledge and behavior gaps exist

And there will be gaps. Fortunately Axonify is designed to address that very challenge, automatically and continuously pushing out the right information.

Have the tools necessary to assess, predict, adjust and optimize learning to meet business objectives

Identifying weak points in content, knowledge and behaviors allows you to address concerns before they become consequences.

Business Impact Measurement

At the end of the day, the goal of training is to drive business impact, right? That’s why Axonify takes learning way into the future by giving learning leaders and stakeholders across the business the compete picture on learning for the first time ever. So you can see which programs are generating the greatest lift in sales or reduction in safety incidents. Then you can empower front-line mangers to take action. And, Axonify even has the smarts to automatically adapt learning to the people that need it the most, in the areas that matter the most to the business – in real-time.

Gain real-time insights on the business impact of training for every program

Set business targets like sales target at the individual level, tag the training programs that you’re delivering to achieve those targets and then let Axonify show you the direct impact. You’ll even see impact trends over-time.

Get agile with data-driven training decisions

Understand which subjects are translating into business results. Then decide what to do more of, or what to revisit based on real data tied to real results.

Empower front-line managers with smart recommendations when business targets are at risk and learning can help

Equip front-line managers with insights they’ll actually use because it gets them closer to the business targets they’re actually measured on. So when a business target like conversions is at risk, they’ll know exactly what to do to get back on track.

Automatically self-heal individual training gaps for business impact

Close the loop with automatic refresher training in the subjects that matter the most for the people that need it, in a way that continuously optimizes results and keeps you on the path to target achievement.


Results-Focused Content Library

Close the gap between training and positive business impact through Axonify’s massive library of purpose-built micro-topics proven to drive results. Instructional Designers and Admins will:

Drive employee performance with content that puts business objectives first

Every micro-topic has been architected using the Axonify Instructional Design Methodology™ (IDM). We start with a clearly defined business outcome. Then, we work backwards to create the entire eco-system of content needed to achieve the specific business result.

Access an expansive library of recent and relevant topics

Regardless of your industry, size, or challenges, our growing library of 7,000+ videos and question-based micro-topics generate business results—whether that’s reducing preventable workplace accidents or increasing sales.

Deliver content continuously with the only platform proven to drive results

Topics are brought to life by the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform and it’s Adaptive Microlearning Engine, powered by brain science. Content is wrapped in gamification, tailored to each employee, and delivered continuously based on what they know or don’t know.


Comprehensive Platform Control and Management

Simple from day one. Axonify provides an intuitive admin tool through which system administrators direct Axonify operations—defining the parameters of the Axonify ecosystem, stocking it with content, managing and tracking users/groups and usage, and linking Axonify to external systems as required. No pain involved. Admins will:

The Axonify software running on a MacBook. Screenshot of the settings panel

Create content that extends critical learning objectives into the organization

Customize the learning that is delivered to each employee, then assess and adjust as the data indicates.

Keep a constant pulse on the organization via regular surveys

Surveys provide immediate, reliable feedback from employees that can be actioned while the topic is still hot.

Manage certification and compliance requirements in a way that fits into the employees' workstreams

Integrate industry-required certification and compliance topics seamlessly into employees' daily learning bursts. No more whining.

Administer system and data integrations with ease

Manage, track and optimize the entire learning ecosystem—as broadly or as granularly as required. Flexibility guaranteed.

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Our world-class professional services team will guide you through the process of implementing Axonify, and set you up for success.

The mission of our team is to help organizations realize the full potential of employee knowledge. We provide as much, or as little help as you need, ensuring you are set up for success every step of the way. It’s a true partnership.

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