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Ingrain Knowledge. Change Employee Behavior. Measure Results. Achieve Your Goals.


Meet the Axonify Microlearning Platform

With Axonify, you do more than train people. You drive business results by meeting the needs of each individual employee. By providing a personalized and adaptive learning experience that fits into their workflow – and only takes minutes a day to complete – Axonify ingrains knowledge deep enough to change behavior, and achieve your business goals.

With Axonify, you will:

Modernize Your Environment

Replace outdated training with a new approach built for today's workforce.

Close Performance Gaps

Empower your people with the knowledge they need to perform to their fullest.

Ingrain Knowledge & Behaviors

Ensure the things your people need to know are remembered, and put into practice.

Make Learning

Ignite employee participation by using the right game mechanics.

Measure Impact On Results

Tie learning programs directly to business outcomes to show the value of your programs.

Can your training keep pace?

If you’re relying on traditional training, you’re holding your people (and your business) back from realizing its true potential.


The only microlearning platform trusted by business leaders

With Axonify, you'll make daily learning sessions irresistible, and ingrain knowledge deep enough to change behavior on the job. Our unique combination of brain science, adaptive microlearning and gamification takes the 'boring' out of learning, and gets people excited to participate. What's best? You can measure the impact on bottom-line results.

Brain Science

Leveraging brain science techniques like spaced-repetition, retrieval practice and confidence-based assessment, daily learning sessions delivered through Axonify continuously reinforce important information until employees can demonstrate knowledge mastery and on-the-job application.

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Adaptive Microlearning

Bite-sized content (video, Tin Can/xAPI, SCORM, text or images) is delivered to your employees in short learning sessions (from 3-4 minutes a day) on the device of their choosing. These digestible chunks of learning continuously adapt to each individual employee to fill in knowledge gaps, and encourage them to take the right actions on the job.

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Incorporating the right game mechanics into your employee’s learning sessions will motivate them to participate, voluntarily! Things like leaderboards and rewards are proven to engage people, and keep them coming back to Axonify for more learning every day.


Impact Measurement

What really sets Axonify apart is our ability to help you measure learning's direct impact on your business. Finally, you have a way to tie learning through to behaviors that impact the things that matter most to your organization.

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It’s Proven, Axonified Employees...

State that Axonify helps them perform better on the job

Consider Axonify as the best training solution they have used

Participate voluntarily at least 3x per week

These forward-thinking organizations are
using Axonify to drive business performance every day

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