The solution that spreads smiles, from the frontline to the C-suite

Investing in a new learning solution is a really big deal. So, the one you choose needs to make a meaningful impact across your entire organization.

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When your learning solution actually works, everyone wins

“When I walk the departments, I am more apt to notice issues such as improper lifting, possible cross-contamination or potential liquid safety problems.”

– Saul Campos, Store Director

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John Hancock

“Axonify makes it easier to refresh content continuously to fit the evolving nature of our business, the changing complexity of our products, and the  different services that we perform.”

– Charles Rizzo, CFO

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“You can’t interact with the leaders of the business, if you don’t understand the goals of the company and how your processes and your practices support that bottom line.”

– Jonathan Andrews, SVP of HR and Training

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“Axonify is a great product with so much promise. They have spent so much time to flesh out the data collection side”
– Ryan M

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“The support from the Axonify team has been exceptional. They’re approachable and able to provide lots of good information.”
– Sarah W

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Fabulous for the frontline

At the end of the day, your business won’t perform unless your frontline employees do too. We’ve built our solution to meet frontline needs from the very start.

  • Learning is fun – Built-in games, points, rewards and leaderboards keep them coming back to train, again and again.
  • It’s fast and fits the flow of work – People learn on Axonify for just 3-5 minutes a day, on any device—mobile phone, POS, tablet or desktop.
  • Information is at their fingertips – They can find critical job aids and resources in seconds, right in the place they learn every day.
  • It feels really personal – One-size-fits-all training is a thing of the past with training targeted to what each person knows and doesn’t know.
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“The participation for us is through the roof.”

– Thomas Rudar, Training and Development Specialist, Heinen’s
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Awesome for the administrators

We’re all about making life easier for the people responsible for delivering and managing learning programs. Because they already have enough challenges in their day.

  • Onboarding is smoother – By focusing only on the things new employees need to get started, they feel confident in their roles sooner.
  • The learning sticks – Learning is bite-sized and continually reinforced over time so employees remember what they’ve learned.
  • Compliance is a snap – It’s easy to track, record and refine each employee’s training and progress to prove compliance.
  • It fills knowledge gaps – When our AI-powered engine detects behaviors that could be putting the business at risk it automatically adapts the training to address the problem.
  • Content is covered – Our flexible content model lets you access a free library of hundreds of ready-to-go topics, purchase from our 3rd-party content library, or work with us to quickly build your own.

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Brilliant for the business

We know there are people in the organization who live and breathe metrics and KPIs. We’ve got their backs too.

  • Employees do the right things – We have proof that people who regularly train in Axonify remember to do the things that matter most to the business.
  • Guesswork is gone – Machine learning connects training data back to the KPIs the business cares about, so it’s clear how training is impacting the business—beyond completion rates and test scores.
  • Communication is a snap – HQ can instantly push out important updates to the entire frontline, targeted teams or individuals through the platform.
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