In the wake of coronavirus, frontline workers need all of our support more than ever

As I watch the events associated with coronavirus continue to unfold, I’m struck by how surreal it all seems. At times, it feels like a movie we’re watching instead of a reality we’re living. This is especially true for those of us who flipped the switch fairly seamlessly to work from home so we can put social distancing into practice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how frontline workers don’t have this luxury. How they have to keep showing up every day to care for the sick, stock shelves with food, calm stressed customers, pick up our garbage, make deliveries and more. Or in some cases they are now home because retail stores have closed for the time being, and they are wondering how long it will last and thinking about the ripple effect on so many other areas of their lives.

For these people, your people, the realities of our current climate are all too real. I know you are probably spending a lot of time thinking about how you can best support your frontline employees right now—physically, emotionally and financially. I know your businesses are under extreme pressure to keep performing too. I know it’s a lot.

Here’s what I don’t know: what all the answers are. Axonify was founded on the belief that frontline employees deserve the best support and tools to perform at work every day. But in an instant their days have morphed into a reality that has no playbook. We’re all making it up as we go.

In this state of unknown, I strongly believe that this is a time to put people first. What we need to do now is lean into each other. To connect, listen and offer support wherever we can. Axonify is here for you, with no agenda or strings attached. We simply want to support you in supporting your heroes on the frontlines—the people who are keeping the order and preventing our situation from flipping over into panic and chaos.

Here are just a few things we’re already doing.

  1. Last Friday, we sent our customers a complimentary content bundle — Protecting yourself and your frontline from viruses. It offers health and hygiene reminders to reinforce the right behaviors. If you are an Axonify customer and don’t have the free bundle yet, please reach out to your CSM and they’ll get you set up as soon as possible.
  2. We have created a content hub where we are posting video content that anyone (customers and non-customers alike) can access and share with their teams. We will continue to add free, relevant content to this hub as it becomes available to help you keep your frontline teams healthy and safe.
  3. We’ve launched an initiative inviting anyone and everyone to nominate a Frontline Hero who has touched their life (or whose story has moved them) in some way as we have shifted into a coronavirus “new normal”. Over the next little while, we’ll curate these stories to share through our social media channels and website, in order to celebrate the contributions of frontline workers everywhere. We’ll also randomly choose 5 nominees per week to receive a $50 gift card as a small token of thanks for the great work they’re doing. You can nominate your own Frontline Hero here and follow along on our social channels as we show the frontline some love: LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. #bekindtothefrontline

Please don’t hesitate to reach out at if you need support, have an idea you want to explore or just want someone to talk to when it comes to supporting your frontline people. Coronovirus doesn’t care who you are or whether you spend your days behind a desk or working on the frontlines. We’re all human. We all touch our faces too much. We’re all in this together.

Carol isn’t your typical leader. She’s driving a revolutionary approach to employee knowledge, but she’s also a doors-open, come-see-me-anytime kind of executive. Carol doesn’t just talk the talk—she definitely walks the walk. You can read more from her on Training Industry Magazine, ATD, CLO and as a regular contributor for Fortune.

Let’s work together to drive frontline performance in all the right ways.