Sales Teams

Our sales team focuses on helping companies learn more about the microlearning platform that makes sure frontline employees remember to do the things that matter most to the businesses where they work. We work very closely with business leaders who want to make an impact, measure business outcomes and learn new ways to make training better.

Who we are

Client Sales

Many of our customers who have experienced the business benefits of Axonify help us share their successes within their larger organization. The client sales team partners with these Axonify advocates, along with the Axonify customer success team, to identify and educate new user groups on the value of Axonify. Client sales managers find themselves working both complex sales process across many stakeholders within large organizations, and smaller deals into new groups at some of the world's most reputable brands.

Mid Market and Enterprise Sales

We're the team who works closely with great companies that want to advance to the next level of conversations and engage in the sales process with Axonify. We're agents of change that help mid-sized to large enterprise companies see the power of the Axonify solution and help them decide if it is a fit.

Customer Success

The customer success team works closely with our customers for the long run to drive value and success from their partnership with Axonify. We are a team of builders--the experts in delivering a radically customer-centric sales process. We are relentless in our pursuit of value for our customers, championing their long-term success and health, adapting to their ever-changing needs and channeling the very best of what every Axonify team member has to offer. It's what makes us so successful in driving expansion and the reason so many Axonify customers continue to choose ongoing, long-term renewal in their partnership with Axonify.

Business Operations

We are a fine mix of technical and strategic thinking with a slice of curiosity on the side. Think of us as the internal central hub to each customer’s journey. We focus on the systems, processes and metrics that support the customer experience and work with all customer-facing departments, with a focus on increasing company-wide efficiency and creating a better customer experience.

“The culture and space provides an environment for both fun and focus. It's an easy-going climate that helps promote longevity.”

David Halk
Senior Manager, Principal Solutions
Derek Vollebregt

“The company has a high standard for performance, but the way you do it is up to you. If you need to leave early to get your kids from daycare, you can do that. I don't have kids myself, but now that I'm working internationally, I'm taking early calls, late calls, sometimes I'll leave early to do other things, and it's never about hours, it's about 'what have you accomplished'. And I like that environment where it's results-oriented.”

Derek Vollebregt
International Partner Manager
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