Day 1

Monday, September 28

Day 2

Tuesday, September 29

Day 1 features content that’s all about the frontline. Hear from keynote speakers, industry experts and practitioners to get the latest insights on frontline performance. We’ll also have some fun with networking sessions and some breaks.

AxoniCom LIVE kick off

Welcome to AxoniCom LIVE! We’re thrilled to bring together this community of frontline champions. Join us as we kick off two amazing days of content and discussion focused on driving the frontline forward.

Frontline influencer

We’ll dive right in with thoughts from our first frontline influencer.

Frontline experts panel

Hear from our panel of renowned leaders whose stellar frontline performance is helping them “sur-thrive” unprecedented business disruption. They’ll share stories about how they’re engaging and motivating their employees, and how to adapt to business disruption.

Networking huddles

You’ve been sitting and listening for a while. Now, it’s your turn to talk!! Pick the session that best reflects your role and organization, grab a coffee, unmute your device and connect with your peers in these guided roundtable discussions.

Leisure labs

You didn’t think we’d make you sit in front of your screen all. Day. Long. Did you? Let’s have some fun (doing something NOT work related) together. It’s time to choose your own adventure. For real! We’ve got a live yoga class, a cooking demonstration (required ingredients announced in advance), a storytelling workshop, and for the first time ever, a virtual AxoniCom walk & talk.

Brain Trust breakouts

In our targeted industry breakout sessions, we’ll explore frontline enablement and management trends in Retail, Grocery, Contact Center, and Professional Sales environments. Join the session that’s right for you based on your industry and interest.

Frontline performance sessions

Take your pick of one of four insightful, industry-agnostic sessions that will explore the hottest trends in frontline performance. It’ll be hard to pick just one (sorry about that).

Frontline leaders panel

Frontline employees are important. You know it. We know it. (Heck, everyone at this event knows it. That’s why we’re here.) But what if stakeholders in your organization don’t share your views? We’ve assembled a panel of frontline champions from some of the world’s leading organizations who will share their experiences, insights and tips for advocating for the frontline. Whether you’re an entry-level employee or an executive—if you’re all about moving the frontline forward, you won’t want to miss this session.

Frontline influencer

We’ll cap off an incredible first day with thoughts and insider takes from our final frontline influencer.

AxoniCom lounge

If you’ve never been to an Axonify event before, you’re in for a real treat. Over the course of this conference, you’ll have access to multiple lounges, each thoughtfully designed to surprise and delight—including a VIP Lounge for our Altitude members. That’s all we can tell you for now. You’ll get more information upon your “arrival” to the event. But trust us, some things are worth the wait!

Join us for a day of practical sessions full of tips, tricks and strategies for empowering a stronger, happier, and more productive frontline. If you’re an Axonify customer we’ll have sessions focused on specific platform features and functionality. Not an Axonify customer? Well, there’s lots for you too! Stay tuned for future agenda updates and get ready for an amazing day filled with sessions to help you drive your frontline forward.

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