If you weren’t able to catch some (or any) of the sessions at AxoniCom LIVE 2021 on October 26th, don’t worry: we’ve got your back! You can now rewatch our no-fluff, high-value virtual sessions at your own pace through the on-demand videos below. 




Welcome to AxoniCom LIVE

Dollar General, Here for What Matters: Fueling growth through opportunity

Practical strategies for preventing burnout in frontline employees


The hot topic experience

How to drive stand-out culture and deepen employee engagement by empowering your frontline people to feel seen, heard and accepted at work

The critical human element in the race to resilience

Leveraging emerging technologies to empower the frontline workforce

The Great Flex: Shrinking the divide between frontline and corporate work experience


The problem-solving experience

The Digital Gap: How to make smart frontline technology decisions

The Skills Gap: How to make learning a seamless part of the job

The Content Gap: How to get the right content to the right people, faster

The Data Gap: How to measure the impact of training


The storytelling experience

It’s all about the experience

Celebrating and supporting the frontline through good times and bad

Reframing how we think about training


The customer-only experience

Axonify customers can access the on-demand versions of the hands-on product sessions from the Axonify Help Center.


Best Frontline Friends (BFF) Awards Ceremony

BFF Awards

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