Festival Foods


As an employee-and-family-owned company, Festival Foods goes beyond being just a grocery store. Every business decision is based on the company’s infamous Boomerang Theory: how to keep guests happy and coming back. Festival Foods prides itself on providing the highest quality of products while offering guests an exceptional shopping experience. It boasts 30+ full-service stores in Wisconsin and employs around 7,300 people.

Before implementing the Axonify Microlearning Platform, the company’s training initiatives weren’t building engagement, especially with its younger associates. Festival Foods was looking for a modern training solution that would help reduce associate safety incidents, improve guest service, and scale with the company’s high-growth strategy. Axonify is now ingrained in the Festival Foods’ culture with 94% of employees participating voluntarily on the platform every week and current knowledge levels at 80%.

Here's how Axonify helped Festival Foods

Current knowledge level


Voluntary participation


Patric Meyer

Learning and Engagement Developer

“I’ve been with Festival Foods for 10 years and have worked in many different operational roles, so I’ve seen it from all sides. The need for a consistent training approach was clear. Axonify was such a natural fit for us. We can feel Axonify’s culture and approach to learning, and it just fits so well with the way we do business and how we work with our associates. It’s been a fantastic win. I’ve seen all sorts of success stories within the company as a result. I really can’t say enough good things—I love the Axonify platform.”

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