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Meet the frontline training and communications solution that actually works.

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Build the most confident, high-performing frontline team with continuous learning that sticks.

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The fastest way to onboard and train your frontline team.

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Get everything you need to engage, connect and inspire your frontline to bring your brand promises to life, all in one place.

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Cut the fluff. Get every new hire up to speed and contributing in their roles faster with continuous onboarding.

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Your learning platform is only as good as the content you put in it. See all the flexible ways you can stock your platform with content that actually works.

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Stop chasing down employees to renew their compliance certifications. Automate your compliance process.

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“Training designed with the frontline in mind.”

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“Axonify gives us a better way to engage our employees.”

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“Enjoyable and impactful learning.”

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Absolutely! Our customers have successfully integrated Axonify with every major HCM, LMS and WFM tool—like Workday, Kronos, Cornerstone, Ceridian, ADP and SAP SuccessFactors. We’ll work together to bring all of the tools you need to deliver a streamlined experience for your frontline and your admins.

Yes, for the frontline. Many of our customers use Axonify as their primary LMS for their frontline employees, because it actually works. Our fun, fast, personalized training experience fits right into the flow of work. The best part is, it gets your frontline people doing the right things.

We can, and in a lot of cases we do replace traditional LMS platforms for frontline workforces. If you’ve already got an existing LMS or other learning tools, we’ll work together to deliver a streamlined experience for your frontline—and your admins.

There are lots of flexible ways to get started with Axonify. We’ll work closely with your team to learn more about who you need to train, and figure out the best way to roll out our platform to your workforce.

Of course, we’d love to give you a glimpse of Axonify. You can check out our on-demand product tour or connect with one of our experts to book a custom demo and see how Axonify can drive results for you.

You bet. Lots of Axonify customers leverage their existing content. We’ll work with you to understand the content you have today and the best way to serve that content up in Axonify.

We do. All Axonify customers gain access to our content marketplace on day one. You can choose from hundreds of ready-to-go topics that span everything from safety essentials and customer service to role-specific content in your industry. If the content you need isn’t covered, you can work with our team of instructional designers to build custom content.

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Employees can access Axonify on any device that has connection to the internet. Many of our customers leverage the devices their employees use everyday, like POS systems, time clocks, ELDs, Zebra and mobile devices so they can access training right in the flow of work without leaving their job. Employees can also download our app on iOS or Android.