How do you engage your employees on a deeper level?

Start them off strong

Get employees off to a positive start by making sure they get the right materials at the right time, structured so they can prioritize (and remember!) what’s most important.

Keep a good thing going

Ongoing training makes employees feel like you’re investing in their success. Bonus: when you continually reinforce the key things you need them to know, customer-first behaviors become second nature.

Connect and share in real-time

Frequent communication keeps employees updated and makes them feel connected to your vision, mission and values, why these things matter and what their role is to bringing them to life.

Help them feel the love

Recognizing and rewarding wins is key to building a positive, connected culture where employees feel valued for their contributions and highly motivated to succeed and win.

Build a more engaged, stronger-performing workforce in just 3-5 minutes a day.

Axonify is the platform that lets you effectively engage your frontline employees without pulling them away from the places they need to perform.

  • It makes sure employees remember to do the things that delight customers every day.
  • It delivers personalized, bite-sized bursts of training in the way humans learn best.
  • It fits right into the workflow and is fun, fast and engaging to use—each session only takes a few minutes per shift.
  • It provides real-time insights into how the platform is driving the metrics that matter most to you.

Take a peek inside the Axonify microlearning platform


Axonify onboarding starts new hires off on a high note, getting them up to speed faster and then continuing to build knowledge to support their long-term success.  


The platform continually measures what each employee knows, and what they don’t, so it can fill their knowledge gaps with information that’s easy to digest and remember.


Broadcast messaging lets you push out information to all associates in an instant, so everyone hears the same message, in the same way, at the same time.  


Built in game mechanics let employees earn points they can redeem for rewards, while leaderboards engage a healthy competitive spirit. All of this keeps them coming back for more.

Discover our secret sauce for making CX-critical behaviors stick

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