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Stop by booth #627 to get an up-close-and-personal look at the microlearning platform that drives frontline employee performance.


How Axonify Blends AI with Microlearning to Drive Business Results

When: Monday May 20th, 3:00-4:00pm EDT
Where: Room 101

Microlearning is helping organizations bring learning into the daily workflow. Artificial intelligence (AI) is completely transforming the way work gets done in almost every industry. This session will dig deep into the fundamental principles underpinning these two concepts and deliver practical guidance around how L&D can use these knowledge to bring new value to the business.


Carol Leaman


CEO, Axonify

Rebecca Sinclair


Chief People Officer
American Tire Distributors

The Future of Learning Data and Analytics

When: Monday May 20th, 1:00-2:15pm EDT
Where: Room 150

Data is a big topic of conversation in every industry as well as in everyday life. The collection, analysis and application of data is a modern workplace reality. However, while other business functions have successfully transformed their practices through data, L&D continues to lag behind. It’s past time to get past antiquated measurement models and limited training metrics.

This panel brings together some of the smartest people in learning analytics to help people get started with practical guidance on how to improve their data strategies. We bring a variety of perspectives and, more importantly, practical experience applying learning analytics within global organizations. We’ll discuss the real-world potential of xAPI, but we will also expand the definition of learning data to include a greater scope of people analytics. The session will be mostly crowdsourced so we can provide participants with the opportunity to get their most pressing questions answered. Our goal will be to demystify the value of measurement for every learning professional, regardless of experience or familiarity with data science. Participants will also gain access to an invaluable set of curated resources from the panel members.

Data + Content + Technology + People = The Formula for Personalized Learning

When: Tuesday May 21st, 10:00-11:15am EDT
Where: Room 151

Personalized and adaptive learning are set to be the next big conversation in workplace learning. The trends of today, including microlearning, data/analytics and self-directed learning, are helping L&D professionals rethink the employee learning experience as something more targeted and timely. As organizations become increasingly data-driven in their employee experience, L&D will have the opportunity to apply these principles to shape personalized learning experiences at enterprise scale. However, L&D professionals must engage in this conversation now to make informed decisions along the way and not get swept up in the hype and buzz that tends to surround new ideas in the industry.

This session is designed to provide a foundational understanding as to the potential of personalized and adaptive learning. We will highlight four fundamental components: data, content, technology and people. Specifically, we will stress the human side of personalized learning and demonstrate how the other components make people a more meaningful part of the workplace experience. We will work through before/after examples of learning experiences that have been improved through personalization.



Win a FREE Microlearning Workshop for your team hosted by Axonify CLO and LearnGeek Founder, JD Dillon!

Stop by the Axonify Booth at the 2019 ATD International Conference & Expo for your chance to win a 4 hour microlearning workshop and strategy session with Axonify CLO and LearnGeek Founder, JD Dillon!

JD is one of the most prolific authors and speakers in the global workplace learning community. He has worked in operations and learning roles for 20 years with a variety of highly-regarded organizations, including The Walt Disney Company, Kaplan and AMC Theatres.

This virtual workshop is a unique opportunity to have your team dive into microlearning with one of the most experienced practitioners in the world. JD will guide your team through a quick overview of microlearning principles and best practices. Then, he will share real-world stories from organizations in your industry that are using microlearning to improve frontline employee performance. But most of the time will be spent discussing your workplace learning strategy. JD will help you identify the potential for microlearning within your company and get you started on developing (or enhancing!) your own modern learning strategy.


JD Dillon


Chief Learning Officer, Axonify
LearnGeek, Founder

What you'll win

During this 4 hour virtual workshop, you will…

  1. Review the fundamentals of microlearning
  2. Hear real-world stories about how organizations are applying microlearning principles to achieve business results
  3. Engage in an open discussion about the potential for microlearning within your company
  4. Begin developing a microlearning strategy to address high-priority business challenges
  5. Receive a set of curated resources to help you introduce microlearning in your organization

How to enter

  1. Enter to win by visiting Axonify Booth #627 at the ATD ICE Expo and getting your badge scanned by an Axonify Team Member
  2. JD will draw the winner on Monday, May 27, 2019
  3. The winner will be announced via email
  4. The winner will work with Axonify to schedule a date and time for the workshop within 3 months
  5. All entrants will receive an email notifying them of the results along with some additional recommended resources