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No Data Scientist Required: Use AI to Measure the Impact of Learning

Date & Time: Tues., Feb. 4, 10:55 am – 11:10am
Speaker: Carol Leaman, CEO, Axonify

Carol Leaman, headshot
Carol Leaman, CEO, Axonify

Learning measurement is broken. For decades, organizations have struggled to determine how their learning programs impact business results. L&D continues to rely on test scores and surveys while levels 3 and 4 remain unattainable. Now, in a time when continuous skill development is more important than ever, stakeholders are questioning the value of corporate learning.

Axonify has solved the learning measurement problem. Our AI-powered platform leverages your organizational data to determine the impact learning programs, personalize your employee experience, and proactively guide your L&D team to take actions that will improve business results.

During our Tech Talk, you will discover...

  • How Axonify is helping Fortune 1000 companies prove the impact of their learning programs
  • How you can apply AI and big data to improve your organizational agility through continuous, personalized learning
  • How learning professionals can prepare to support an AI-powered business

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