Ignite your employee's competitive spirit

Gamification is proven to excite and motivate employees to learn. By designing a modern learning ecosystem that incorporates rewards, points, leaderboards, and more, organizations create an environment where employees actually want to participate in learning—voluntarily!

We’re talking 80% voluntary participation rates!

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Gamification is like a puzzle piece, or one element in a holistic ecosystem that’s essential for driving engagement. It brings out that competitive spirit! The more your employees engage in learning, the higher their knowledge lifts will be. And that means great things for your business.

Gamification drives real business value

The proof is in the pudding! Gamification engages employees of all ages, roles, genders, and industries, and drives knowledge across the board. What’s even more significant is that gamification can be tied directly to positive business impact.

Axonify Proves Impact

Gamification (when used properly) works!

Lower accidents among
retail outlets that use Axonify

Lower shrink rate in
those same stores


Axonify has cracked the code on gamification and engagement

Our team has honed-in on 6 key game mechanics that, when used together, drive the highest levels of employee engagement and participation in corporate learning. When implemented correctly as part of a holistic ecosystem, gamification drives business performance. Plus, employees have fun while they learn the things they need to know to be successful!

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