Infographic about the frontline labor shortage

7 Ways to Combat the Frontline Labor Shortage

The Great Resignation is hitting frontline organizations hard. As companies struggle to fill staffing gaps, they’re coming to one conclusion: higher wages and signing bonuses simply aren’t cutting it.

45% of frontline workers plan to leave their current jobs and the #1 reason they’re planning to resign is burnout

Your frontline wants to feel supported, engaged and appreciated. And they’re no longer willing to settle for less. Here are 7 ways to help employees succeed—and encourage them to stay longer.

  1. Get new hires on the job ASAP

    • Challenge: There’s no time for onboarding
      • You need to address staff shortages urgently. You need people on the job now, not sitting through long, boring training sessions.
    • Solution: Focus on just the basics
      • Then fill in the gaps with microlearning that takes less than 5 minutes and fits into the daily workflow.
  2. Keep the communication flowing

    • Challenge: Situations change quickly
      • People feel like they’re being set up to fail when they don’t have up-to-date information.
    • Solution: Go digital
      • Ditch the posting boards for fast, consistent messaging delivered straight to your employees’ devices.
  3. Put information at their fingertips

    • Challenge: New hires lack confidence
      • They don’t have the knowledge or experience to satisfy demanding customers.
    • Solution: Take your knowledge base mobile
      • Give them answers in one central place, including checklists for complex processes.
  4. Add flexibility with cross-training

    • Challenge: Build skills without disrupting operations
      • You don’t have enough people. Staffing issues reduce operational efficiency and overburden other workers.
    • Solution: Add flexibility through upskilling
      • Increase operational agility by training employees to handle multiple roles.
  5. Show your appreciation

    • Challenge: Burnout is on the rise
      • Staffing shortages saddle workers with more responsibility—and work just isn’t as fun.
    • Solution: Show the frontline more love
      • Recognize their hard work with thank you messages and tangible rewards.
  6. Ask employees how they feel

    • Challenge: Measurement is a challenge
      • You need to know why people are leaving. But engagement surveys are a time sink.
    • Solution: Do regular pulse checks
      • Send quick surveys to employees’ devices to find out how they feel and what they need.
  7. Make career growth part of the job

    • Challenge: Development strains resources
      • Upskilling is good for employees and the business, but you can’t spare the time to send people to training.
    • Solution: Show the frontline more love
      • Bring skill building into the workflow with mobile, on-demand training.

A happy frontline is a supported frontline

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