Infographic describing why traditional training doesn’t work for frontline employees

Corporate employees vs. Frontline employees

Corporate employees:

  • Sit at a desk for most of the day
  • Can set aside significant amounts of time for training
  • Centralized in the head office
  • Use learning for professional development

Frontline employees:

  • Are largely deskless
  • Have limited time for training and are hard to pull off the frontline
  • Geographically dispersed across many locations
  • Use learning to reinforce the right behaviors

Here’s what frontline employees actually need from their training:

  • Delivered right in the flow of work
  • Available on any device—POS, mobile phone, tablet or desktop
  • Continually reinforces bite-sized bursts of knowledge so the learning sticks
  • Only takes a few minutes a day to complete
  • Is fun, personalized and engaging
  • Lets them find job aids and resources in seconds

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