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Make learning a daily habit that fits into the flow.

What sets Axonify apart? Every single learning burst is powered by AI to drive behaviors that get you results—and the approach we take is proven to work.

Drive performance

Automatically fill knowledge gaps to get the right behaviors.

Engage people

Drive voluntary participation by making learning fun, fast and personal.

Empower managers

See what people know—and don’t—and uncover opportunities to coach.

Boost business

Axonify is proven to have a multi-million dollar effect on world-class businesses.

Support for any type of learning

Whether it’s reinforcement, onboarding, compliance training, instructor-led training or even an employee survey—Axonify supports all types of learning.

We use the power of AI to serve up the right mix of videos, SCORM or xAPI, questions, on-the-job practice and more depending on what each person needs on a particular day.

Personalized support for any type of learning
Employee Training Metrics

Incorporate dozens of game mechanics, including game-play

Axonify fuses short, fun, app-like games right into the learning experience to engage employees and get their brains ready to absorb information.

People earn points for everything they do, like answering questions or encouraging a colleague to take their daily training— which can then be redeemed for prizes.

Axonify and Gamification

Make mobile learning effective

Mobile learning needs a better approach.

The answer? An experience that adapts microlearning sessions to each individual—and makes them accessible on mobile anytime, anywhere.


Microlearning Platform
Communicate critical information in real time

Communicate with frontline employees, no matter where they’re located.

Push out important updates to your frontline with video broadcast messages. Analytics on the back-end will tell you who has watched, and who hasn’t.

Make administration and content creation simple

Axonify includes an intuitive admin tool where system administrators direct training—adding content including SCORM or videos, defining key learning points, questions and assigning priority levels for content to guide our award-winning adaptive microlearning engine.

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Training Metrics

Real-time analytics and reporting

Axonify continuously measures what your employees know and don’t, then harnesses that data to give you a real-time view into an employee’s unique knowledge profile, gaps and growth.

So whether you’re a learning practitioner, business leader or field supervisor, Axonify serves up the metrics that matter most.

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Mitigating company risk through continuous daily training.

Learn how this financial services leader manages risk by building employee expertise.

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