ATD South Florida Innovative Learning Conference and Expo: Axonify Principal Learning Strategist, JD Dillon, to Present “Microlearning in Action: Small Bites, Big Impact”

Who: JD Dillon, Principal Learning Strategist, Axonify, will present on microlearning. One of the hottest topics in the industry, microlearning can raise more questions than answers on how it can be used in the corporate learning space. Attendees will learn what microlearning is, how it works, what to look for in a platform and what it can do for their organizations. Dillon will also take attendees through real-world examples of microlearning in action. ATD south florida chapter

What: The ATD South Florida chapter is empowering South Florida talent development professionals to gain knowledge and skills while building relationships. 

Why: The Innovative Learning Conference and Expo offers talent professionals an opportunity to network, learn and grow, in a supportive environment focused on helping accelerate innovation in the workplace through cutting-edge learning technologies and strategies.

When: Presentation – June 7, 10:15-11:15 am

You can also drop by the Axonify display table at any time during the event.

Where: Hotel Gallery One; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Media Contact:
Laura Martin, lmartin(at)

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