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Axonify Announces Multi-Million Dollar Deal with Bi-Lo Holdings

Posted on: April 23, 2016

Bi-Lo Holdings Addresses A Critical Strategic Initiative as Company Completely Reinvents their eLearning Approach

Waterloo, Canada – February 26, 2015 – Axonify said today that Bi-Lo Holdings has adopted its award-winning eLearning platform, in a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal. Bi-Lo needed a solution that was fresh, engaging, personalized and proven to drive knowledge, values and expectations to its more than 70,000 associates. Axonify offered an approach that was fundamentally different than the historical way in which Bi-Lo Holdings had approached knowledge delivery, particularly in the way the Axonify platform creates an accelerated and continuous learning culture on a daily basis, in a fast, fun and effective way.

“This is a strategic priority,” said Rebecca Sinclair, Chief Human Resources Officer, Bi-Lo Holdings. “I’m particularly excited about the human capital metrics that we can obtain by linking learning to business outcomes more distinctly. To stay competitive and achieve the goals of our business, we know that our competitive advantage is our associates and we want to provide them with the best and most nimble learning solution available. We’re excited about Axonify’s unique, cutting edge approach to learning.”

Bi-Lo Holdings, parent company of Bi-Lo, Harveys and Winn-Dixie grocery stores employs nearly 72,000 associates in 804 locations in the southeastern United States. Strong growth through acquisition has meant Bi-Lo Holdings has to blend diverse corporate cultures, brands and strategies. The Axonify platform will be used, in part, to unite the organization with consistent knowledge and corporate messaging.

“We’re thrilled to kick off the new year with the celebration of this important opportunity to work with Bi-Lo Holdings,” said Axonify CEO Carol Leaman. “We are pleased to partner with them in the dynamic and competitive space of grocery and support them in their evolution.   We’re especially excited about what this means for their associates. As they engage with the Axonify platform they will become even more knowledgeable and effective – a critical competitive advantage in this ultra competitive space,” she concluded.

Axonify will enable Bi-Lo Holdings to tie learning to metrics, specifically around revenue, customer service scores, shrink and incident rates. Moreover, the Axonify platform will deliver learning that is consistent across Bi-Lo Holdings properties, helping to advance the organization’s goals of providing one unified, educated voice. And finally, by embedding learning into the day and employing gamification, time to competency will be reduced and a wide employee demographic will be excited to actively engage in knowledge acquisition.

About Axonify

The Axonify platform enables organizations to easily engage employees in the learning process through the delivery of personalized, bite-sized content in the form of daily questions and information in topic areas those organizations care about.  Using concepts of behavioral science combined with gamification, Axonify is proven to improve sales and service levels, reduce safety incidents and other areas of loss, and support employee performance across the board. The system creates a real-time, personalized knowledge map, employee by employee, which identifies and closes individual knowledge gaps.  Participation and success rates are measured and correlated to specific corporate outcomes that drive revenue or reduce expenses.  Axonify is your simpler way to a smarter company, every day.


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