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Axonify Evolves Artificial Intelligence Capabilities, Launching New Generative AI Tool

Posted on: June 28, 2023

Enabling clients with AI-powered technology for over a decade, Axonify’s new generative AI tool provides frontline workers with instant information to maximize performance, productivity.

WATERLOO, ONTARIO – June 28, 2023 – Axonify, a leader in frontline employee enablement, today announced the launch of Max, a new conversational generative AI tool that instantly answers on-the-job questions to better enable frontline workers to get the job done quickly and more accurately, in every industry. 

Max uses generative AI to understand what the user is looking for and then searches all the available resources for relevant information and facts. Then, using the world’s most powerful LLM (large language model), composes a concise answer back to the person, in real time. From sourcing answers to HR-related questions like benefits, to providing shop floor employees with instant product details to satisfy customers and close deals, Max provides the right responses in moments of need to support frontline workers in all aspects of their role. 

“Artificial intelligence has been at the core of Axonify’s platform for over a decade, with an adaptive algorithm that provides exactly the right training to each individual, every day. The introduction of Max is simply the next stage of our commitment to developing tools that support frontline workers,” said Carol Leaman, CEO and Co-Founder of Axonify. “Creating better communication, transparency and efficiency between frontline workers and employers is at the heart of everything we do, and our most recent advancements with generative AI remove complex knowledge barriers and communication frustrations for the frontline.”

Additionally, the tool supports more than 60 languages, which means diverse frontline workforces can ask and get responses from Max in their preferred language, removing friction and confusion for workers who may need translation support.  

“We’re extremely focused and strategic about how we’re leveraging generative AI, and believe this tool will not only improve workplace productivity but also create more inclusive work environments where every frontline worker feels empowered and confident in their abilities,” said Leaman. “Our customers rely on us to deliver the right information to their employees to get the job done. As one of the earliest adopters of AI in the learning industry, we know the potential this technology has to improve frontline work, and we look forward to leading the industry in generative AI-powered frontline enablement.”

Max is available for EAP this July, and is slated for general availability in the fall of 2023. Following the broader launch of Max, Axonify will continue to lead innovation making the frontline experience seamless using AI to help employees learn, connect and get things done. 

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Axonify is the proven frontline enablement solution that gives employees everything they need to learn, connect and get things done. It starts with brain science and AI to drive knowledge retention through bite-sized microlearning and daily intelligent reinforcement. Embedded two-way communication and feedback ensure your staff is engaged and informed, no matter the scale of your organization, and guided task management shows employees exactly how to put their training to use, every single day. With an industry-leading 83% engagement rate, companies use Axonify to deliver next-level CX, higher sales, improved workplace safety and lower turnover. Axonify enables over 3.5 million frontline workers in 160+ countries, with over 250 customers including Lowe’s, Kroger, Walmart and Citizens Bank. Founded in 2011, Axonify is headquartered in Waterloo, ON Canada. For more information, visit


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